Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Warning: Politics Ahead!

Have you heard of this guy? I just did, and he has some refreshing ideas. I especially like his Government Shutdown Fairness Act and his Congressional Accountability Pay Act, even though neither one can possibly get any traction in Washington. Human nature being what it is, I just don't see a majority of our elected officials voting themselves out of their current cushy pay and benefits packages! Still, it is refreshing to read about at least one who appears to be willing to do so.

There; end of politics. On to a happier topic – making babies! At least I hope that's what these three (plus Sarai) are doing:
Kimberwood Marta
Whistlestop 0338
Lil'Country Nightcap
That's it for today from . . .


Steph said...

Good morning...I'm watching with bated breath for your hopeful! and then, thank you for the link, it is so encouraging to hear more and more in Washington willing to speak up, maybe there is hope for our country!?! Love your blog and have for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, little lambies are so exciting! Can't wait to see those adorable little faces :D

Tombstone Livestock said...

Little ewe lambs although a naturally polled ram lamb would be ok.

Susan said...

It's like putting the fox in charge of the hen house - or letting the inmates run the asylum. Either way, it's totally dysfunctional and dangerous. I love the B/W treatment on your sheepie pix - it really brings out the special-ness of Shetlands!

Mary Ann said...

From politics to making babies... a wide swing! I had not heard of the congressman before, so thank you. Lots of polictics here locally, too, and all over our FB pages!

Sandy said...

I haven't hear of this guy Forbes. He makes a good point on a few things. The next several weeks are going to be interesting. Hopefully, no civil unrest!!!

Did I hear babies!!!
Waiting to see/hear.