Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Yes, I caved today. I turned the heat up – just a wee bit – in the house. It hasn't been cold enough to build a fire; that would make it miserably warm (for me, at least) in here, and it wouldn't draw well, anyway. But the house has been feeling like a damp, chill cave, bath towels and laundry (I use a drying rack for most of it) aren't drying, and things are starting to smell musty. So before fungi started sprouting on the walls, I caved.
these popped up beside Breezy's water bucket down in the barn

This morning I gave in to a little precipitation petulance. I thought it was going to be gray but dry today, so when I awoke to steady rain, I wailed. Both my horse and I NEED some saddle time; our attitudes are suffering (for different reasons) without it. I can't blame it all on the weather, though. Both yesterday and today we have had some periods of rainlessness and even some sun breaks, but they haven't coincided with availability on my part. Our homeschool cooperative starts tomorrow (I'm teaching both Textiles 101 and co-teaching Yearbook this term), and Brian started a seven-week science class offered for homeschoolers at a local university yesterday, so we're doing a lot more "going and doing" now. Lance got a brief turnout yesterday; now that I have some "must-do" items checked off my list I'm going to try to take advantage of any break in the weather this afternoon. (Update: Yay, I got in a ride!)
Handsome Lance enjoying a brief spell of SUN – and grubbing weeds
The hens' run is markedly less wet now that the roof is complete. It's hard to tell in the photo below, but Rick incorporated a number of clear panels to maximize light. They are lined up along the fence hoping I'm going to toss them some  grass and dandelion leaves, which are growing again with all this rain.

I've still got some Bubblegum to spin, but I need to settle on a knitting project to cast on. When things are hectic, having something productive to do with my hands during any waiting or downtime is a sanity-saver. Sounds counter-intuitive, I know; it's crazy being me. ;-)

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Sandy said...


I don't blame you for kicking on the heat. I don't live up where your at, I did however turn on our heat for a little bit 2 nights in a row. Not real high, just enough to cut the chill for the animals in the house.

It's nice to be able to enjoy outside when he rain breaks giving you an opportunity to ride your handsome horse, Lance.

Not crazy at all, keeping ones hands busy when there's down time is a real good thing. This prevents me from deciding it's time to quit for the day or to go lay down and nap.

Susan said...

Ah, yes, but you are crazy GOOD! What a handsome, beautiful horse Lance is. I think this time of year is so hard to keep in balance, as far as indoor/outdoor temps, what clothing to wear, how much you can get done outside/inside. I find myself bouncing all over the place, due to the crazy weather. Or maybe it's just ME being crazy???

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I turned on the propane fireplace a few mornings ago. I thought I was being stupid and then decided I was being stupid to be cold when I had heat. Now, just the propane light is one, haven't needed the heat but that'll change. I've been in flannel nightgowns for a couple of weeks now and they feel wonderful.

Mary Ann said...

Still having to turn the air on here for a an hour or so to calm the humidity down! Lance looks gorgeous in the sun, and the coop roof dandy!