Saturday, June 08, 2013

Rhapsody in blue

Last iris standing
Pasture daisy – it's a Siamese twin!
Roadside California poppies

It's been a lovely day here on the hill. After potluck Brian went hiking with a church group and Rick and I came home. After a nap (!!!), we went for a walk armed with our cameras, me with my little point-and-shoot Mr. Lumix, Rick with his Pentax K7, monster lens and monopod. Besides exercise, our goal was to get some Western bluebirds – and we succeeded! Fortunately for you, my battery didn't last long, or I would probably be subjecting you to a lot more photos. :-)
The missus is too busy to notice the lovely view
The mister IS a lovely view!
Some of the other bird houses on the property where the bluebirds live
A pair of collared-doves
The violet-green and barn swallows were checking us out

When we got back, we tacked up Brian's pony and my Lance. Our neighbor had asked if I might be able to give her nieces "pony rides" when they visited today, and mentioned that their grandfather had recently committed suicide, How could I deny them a pleasant memory on this beautiful day? (This is why I didn't go on the hike.)

The horse and pony acted beautifully, too. :-)  (Last two photos by Rick)

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Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Wonderful photos! The flowers are great, but I'm really impressed with the birds! I love your "blue bird" garden/community.

Suicide...that's a tough one for kids to wrap their heads around. I'm so sorry. Been there.

Laura said...

A Western Blue Bird!! We only see Mountain BB's here. Good of the ponies (big and small) to help a couple of kids in need. Looks like a lovely day!

I'm back to dyeing today, and possibly tomorrow. Then I have to be done because I'm out of time!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos and what a lovely day!
Beth P

Mary Ann said...

The little nieces will always remember a happy memory in the midst of sad!

Susan said...

Horses are very therapeutic - it must have been such a great experience for them. I love bluebirds! We see them once in a great while around here. Lovely pictures, Michelle. As always.

thecrazysheeplady said...

What a nice day. For everyone :-).