Friday, April 06, 2012

Catching up

This week has been a blur. So many different things to do and keep track of, leading up to leaving this afternoon for a weekend women's retreat. I don't want to go; feel I have too much to do - including skirting fleeces - to take the time away. But a dear friend encouraged me to go and expect good things to happen, so I will. I love the beach so plan to take lots of long walks, and I am taking my Romney project to work on as well. Here's half the burgundy Romney spun up:
I know I'll get the last half spun, and maybe even get both colors plyed.

I've taken photos here and there since my last post to share with you. After Tuesday's cold, grey, rainy start, the sun actually came out in the late afternoon!

Rain or shine, the flowers bloom.

None of our fruit trees are blooming yet, but buds are swelling.

Yesterday on my way home from having the car serviced ($$$-ouch!), the sky was putting on an incredible show. I felt like one of those tornado-chasers on TV, rubber-necking through my windows to keep the breathtaking clouds and full moon in view, looking for places to pull over so I could take pictures. The most spectacular scenes were only captured in my mind, but I did get these:

That's it for this week from . . .


Susan said...

Enjoy your retreat -- those fleeces will still be waiting for you! :oD

Michelle said...

Yes, the fleeces will still be waiting -- it's the fleece CUSTOMERS who might get inpatient!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Go have fun on the beach, fleeces will wait (mine need to wait til after Easter and visit with Tax people) LOL. Your yarn on the drop spindle makes me realize I should pratice, pratice, pratice.