Friday, December 14, 2007


Beauty in brown: frost on the dead leaves littering my bedding areas.

Simply irresistible: my dad getting some puppy love from Jackson.

Gift exchange: the shawl I knit for Tammy out of her homegrown, homespun Shetland yarn, washed, blocked and drying (ends still need to be woven in).

Shop for a good cause: go here for a variety of items donated by NW Shetland sheep breeders to benefit Black Sheep Creamery, a small family sheep dairy devastated by the Chehalis, WA floods earlier this week. I need to take photos of my scratchboard prints; they are NOT easy to shoot!

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Tina T-P said...

Great pic of your dad and Jackson - Don't you just love it when you come upon a picture in nature like those frosted leaves? Makes one smile doesn't it?

Thanks for all your donations to the auction for the Gregoreys - I was looking at their web site yesterday and started to tear up all over again seeing the pictures of what happened to their farm. It is just so unimaginable.

That is a very pretty shawl. Are you going to put a fringe on it? It looks like it will be just right to keep off a chill.

Have a great weekend.

Becky Utecht said...

Oh Michelle, I love the "Beauty in Brown" photo, you should frame that one! I haven't been here for a while, so I enjoyed catching up, seeing your photos and reading all about your new puppy and parents' visit. Wow, you are really productive finishing the two mini-cardigans (cute!) and the shawl in the midst of everything else going on for you right now.