Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sheep kite

Yesterday was the only dry day in the forecast, so I wanted to get the girls out to their little pasture. Usually I carry a pan of alfalfa pellets and they follow me eagerly, but I decided a leading refresher was in order, and got out the halters and leads. After an initial flurry of scurrying in the sheep fold, dear Dinah stood in front of me to be haltered. Rechel was next. But Bella, bold little lover and cookie eater that she usually is, was acting like I had walked in with a 12-foot boa constrictor wrapped around me. She was practically bouncing off the walls! After tying up the ewes I had to tackle Bella in a corner to halter her. Then she proceeded to act like a sheep kite on the end of the lead. The only reason I didn't have to DRAG her to the pasture gate was that she wanted to stay with the ewes, and they were walking politely behind me.

When we got to the pasture, I looped Bella's lead over a fence post so I could work with her some more and let the ladies go. You'd never know Bella had many leading lessons last summer by the way she was ricocheting around at the end of the lead line! Shetlands are supposed to be quite smart and retain their lessons well. I'm worried Bella may be, well, operating a few pellets shy of a pile! She's also a very LOUD sheep, often "yelling" at me when I'm standing right there in front of her. Think the traits are related?

Anyway, she calmed down SLIGHTLY after a bit. I decided to leave her very snug (note to self: order bigger size) halter on her so we could have another leading lesson when it was time to go back to the fold. I never would have been able to catch her in the pasture without the halter already on. Obviously, Bella and I need to spend some more "quality" time together - especially if I hope to show her to any advantage next year!

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Kathy L. said...

It's so nice to know you're getting your exercise, Michelle! :)

Kathy L. said...

Hey, Michelle! You still there or have you blown away? I'm keeping you, Tina, and our orther Shetland people in my thoughts and prayers in hopes of some better weather moving in soon!