Saturday, August 19, 2006

My little sidekick

I figured it's time to introduce my little sidekick - especially since he claims at least half the sheep as HIS! Below is the full photo from which I cropped my profile photo, showing me with Brian Edward McMillen, our 4 1/2-year-old son. We had him after 17+ years of marriage, so I guess you could say he is the child of our "old age" - as well as being our only child. (Yes, it WAS intentional!)

Here is Brian with his daddy. Rick is 6'5", and Brian shows every indication of heading in that same direction - UP!

Brian has been involved with the Shetlands from the day we brought Dinah and Rechel home. I chose Shetland sheep in part because of their small size and friendly natures - important characteristics when you have a small child!

He helped me take our little flock out for fresh grass every day before we had our little sheep pasture fenced.

When we lost Bailee, Brian comforted her lonely twin Bella.

Since discovering how much the sheep like leaves, especially now that their little pasture is "toast," Brian enjoys providing them. (Honestly, Nancy K., he hasn't seen the photo in your 2007 calendar!)

Even though we've discussed the fact that we are raising lambs as well as fleece to sell to other people, I know it will be hard for Brian to let them go (okay, it will be a little bit difficult for Mom, too). Someone has spoken for our Bobby ram lamb (Boulderneigh Bobwhite), and Brian nearly cried to me this week, "But Bobby is the only one who follows me up and down the fence!" (Brian is not allowed in with the sheep by himself, as Bobby acts like he'd play rough with him. But Bobby is also the first one to the fence to let Brian scratch his chin....) I look forward to enjoying our sheep with my little animal-loving sidekick for many years to come.

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Nancy K. said...

What a beautiful family!!
Isn't it wonderful how Shetlands can become such an important part of your life?