Saturday, November 19, 2022

We've gone to the dogs

I had a lovely week with my mom, but believe it or not, the only photo I got of her was when we played dominoes for my birthday! (That was a rare treat as Rick rarely plays table games.) Other than that, we didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, mostly visiting and cooking, it was just good to be together.

During that week, Rick looked through the available dogs on the Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue website, the same rescue from which we adopted Dozer, and saw a French bulldog he liked. I have been campaigning to get Poppy a playmate, and although I wouldn't have chosen a brachiocephalic dog, Rick has been bringing up Frenchies periodically and I figured I'd better go with what he was open to. We filled out an application, then texted our contact (from Dozer) with some questions. She texted back that the one Rick liked was already adopted, but she had other options. In a flurry of texts, she told us about a sibling pair of Frenchies that were being surrendered in another state that we could possibly foster with an eye toward adopting one. We said we were interested, and mentally prepared to meet them this weekend. But because of incoming weather and volunteer transport availability, that got moved up to last Thursday night!

Oy; what a day. I got up at 1:45 a.m. to get Mom to the airport in time, came back and tried to sleep a couple more hours, got up for work and appointments in town, came home for less than an hour before leaving for agility class with Poppy, and then drove to another town to meet our rescue contact and transfer two traumatized, tired, soiled dogs to our car for the ride home.

Leo and Gracie are intact 11-month-old French bulldog siblings and Gracie is in heat, so that complicates things as they must be kept apart for now. The rescue pays for their neutering surgeries and other expenses while they are in foster care, and we provide love, routine, training, and exposure to new things for evaluation. They were from one of the last litters produced by a reputable breeder known to our contact and sold together as puppies. Last month, the breeder happened to drive past their current residence and saw the pups outside in sub-freezing weather without shelter, food, or water and promptly confiscated them. Normally the breeder would have taken responsibility to rehome them herself, but she is dealing with a dying father so contacted the rescue.

Poppy is being a wonderful hostess, interested, friendly, offering them toys, trying to get them to play, and letting them follow her around when they are less sure of us humans. So far they haven't responded much to her overtures (much to her disappointment), but hopefully that will change. They are definitely getting more comfortable and warming up to us in just two days; today they showed interest in toys for the first time. Below are photos from Thursday night to tonight; Gracie is in the mint harness, Leo is in the black one. (I have some cute videos but can't get them loaded right now.)

To close, I have to turn the spotlight back on Poppy. This morning I heard a rustle near the front door when I stepped out to get firewood, and thought I saw a gray form huddled behind a pot. I called Poppy over, and she grabbed a RAT.

That's the dog saga for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Gracie and Leo must be in dog heaven! You and Rick are the perfect ones to foster them. Why do I think you won't be permanently keeping one of them? I'm thinking BOTH will have a forever home in your dog-lovin' household. Got such a kick out of Poppy seeming to pay such close attention to the game going on at the table. And she certainly earned her keep by getting that big ol' rat!

Leigh said...

Whoa! Good for Poppy for catching that rat! That's something my cats won't do.

Your dog photos are absolutely the best! Love the Poppy/domino series, and your two rescues look sooooo happy. that's such a blessing, isn't it? How will you decide on keeping just one?

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, Leo and Gracie are probably feeling more like they are in dog purgatory right now; the last three weeks have been a whirlwind of change and who knows what they experienced before that? I don't know what will happen, but Brian is certainly campaigning to keep both and I think it would be hard for Rick to let one go. A good friend of mine is interested in meeting and possibly adopting one, so she would be disappointed if we were 'dog hogs.' Gracie is much more personable and my favorite, but my guys seem to prefer the male. (I think Poppy was mostly interested in the Texas Sheet Cake!)

Leigh, I think Poppy was a bit surprised herself after first grab, but proved herself capable as always.

A :-) said...

It's possible that they are a bonded pair . . . ;-) However it all shakes out, they've hit the dog lottery with you guys for as long as you have one or both. At least they will be in a loving and WARM environment while they figure out which end is up. And wow - you SO resemble your mom :-) And Poppy - well, she's not called a Rat Terrier for nothing, is she? ==:-O

marlane said...

Firstly I noticed that you resemble your Mom a lot. Then I was happy to see photos of both your husband and son. Your son has grown into such a handsome young man. ( I have been a reader of your blog for a while) The two dogs are awesome and Poppy's reaction perfect. As a dog lover and former owner of many, and a former dog trainer I know how very wrong things can go... Wishing you the best for the two very fortunate new dogs.

Anonymous said...

Strong family resemblance! Poppy appears to be considering Rick's next move while Brian doesn't appear to be listening to her advice :) Gracie and Leo are very fortunate to have you, your family & Poppy in their lives. If you don't keep both, is your friend near for play dates? Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving!


Donna Schoonover said...

That is so great that you took those two dogs in. It looks like it is all working out.

Michelle said...

Oh, yes, A, Marlane, and Dee, I have long heard that I resemble my mom facially and sound like her, too! (In body type I take after my dad and paternal grandma.)

A, the Frenchies are definitely bonded, as they have lived together their whole lives. The rescue rep has mentioned that as a reason to break them up into separate homes, where they can truly enjoy relationships with their own people.

I agree that Brian is easy on the eyes, Marlane, but I'm supposed to think that. 😉

Yes, Dee, the friend who might be interested in one of the Frenchies lives just a few miles away. Poppy has gotten to play with her other dogs, and we would certainly get the siblings together to play like I do with Poppy and her littermate.

So far, so good, Donna.

Mokihana said...

I agree that the dog/s would have a wonderful home with you, and Poppy will be so happy to have a friend. Or two. Great photos... I enjoyed seeing your mom. What a day you had getting her to the airport and then everything else. I am in awe of your energy!

Retired Knitter said...

Wonderful dog pictures. Lucky mutts! Too bad you can’t keep them together.