Thursday, September 01, 2022

Second taste of Fair; endless summer

I was asked to be a spinning volunteer at the State Fair, so I signed up for Monday after work and this coming Sunday afternoon. It was nice to sit or stand and spin in an air-conditioned building on a hot day, and I got to take a quick turn around the Creative Living building during a bathroom break, snapping a few photos as is my wont.
Other volunteers were spinning, weaving, and knitting

My spinning, my view
More quilts; one of my Fair favorites

These two stopped by our area; I put a mounting video on Instagram
Beautiful felt picture; no idea why it didn't get a blue ribbon
SQUEE; adorable, whimsical miniature 'homes'!

A client of Rick's created this sculpture at the entrance of the building

One of the display gardens
Some chainsaw art on my way out

Tuesday I do-si-doed with the body shop, trying to coordinate work on two vehicles' windshields. That failed (the glass company drove out to our house to do the work yesterday), but one of my two trips to town was not for naught. I picked up layer mash for the hens, and drove out to Finnicum Fruit Farm to get peaches for us and a neighbor. When I discovered he also had nectarines, I had to get a box of them, too. I LOVE nectarines, but haven't managed to choose good ones at stores for years. These are fresh from the orchard and delicious; I've been eating several a day and will freeze what I can't keep up with.

Today Stella and I are heading to the State Fair to participate on Team Morgan in the Battle Between Breeds class, three years to the day that I rode a Shire in the Draft Horse Under Saddle class. And maybe, hopefully, pleaseohPLEASEmakeitso, this will be the last 90°-or-higher day we see here this year. It's been a long, hot summer; I'm toast. But my deck geraniums are still happy, and I picked the first tomato from my garden pot this week!

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A :-) said...

I really am jealous of your fun at the fair!! The miniature homes are very cool - I really like the one in an old viola (I think it's a viola). I hope you and Stella do well in your class - I'm betting you will :-) Those nectarines looks seriously delicious. I've been meaning to hit up one of the farm stands that I know of here. It's time to get mums for my porch, and they had some great stuff when I was there last year.

Mama Pea said...

Loved seeing all the pictures of the fair. So much to see. Good luck to you and Stella! Oh, to have access to that luscious fruit you are getting. Makes my mouth water. Enjoy!

eagle 1942 said...

Such interesting displays at your fair. Liked the miniatures and the display of quilts. The buildings that I could see are very nice. Good luck with Stella. Hope it is cooler for you. Done forget to have someone take pictures of your event.

Michelle said...

A, I had never seen miniature houses displayed at the fair before; such a lot of tiny, intricate details to see and admire! Stella and I achieved my objectives – to stay on and stay safe, and not ruin it for Team Morgan. 😁 There will be more to come on that when I can get photos from Rick's phone.

Glad you are enjoying our Fair, Mama Pea; there will be more to come from Sunday, I'm sure. We do get wonderful fruit here – tree fruit and all kinds of berries.

Eagle, I am so thankful for our wonderful state fair in an era when some states no longer hold them and others have been reduced to annual carnivals. I am by no means giving a complete picture of it, either!

Wanda said...

Great score on the nectarines!!! They’re one of my favorites but have had the same tasteless experience buying from the store as you have. Apparently our son’s tree (in ID) is so loaded that branches are breaking but the nectarines aren’t yet ripe.

I’m looking forward to reading about how you and Stella did, and your experience in the Battle of the Breeds yesterday evening.

Good on you for signing up to demonstrate again on Sunday!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great day! I, too, am surprised by that red ribbon. Sigh...

Briana Wever said...

Your state fair trip looks like so much fun! We have a day off school to visit the WA state fair (and free tickets!); I didn't go last year but this year I am planning on it. :)

Michelle said...

If you're willing to drive up to Dayton and he has any left, I could give you the farmer's number, Wanda!

Any day at the State Fair is a great day, Sara. 😊

Hi Briana! I thought you moved back to Oregon, but you must be on the WA side of the Columbia. I hope you make it to Fair!

Jeanne said...

Hi, Michelle! I just finished reading 5 or 6 of your blogposts! I really got far behind, since I was dropped from the list. It sounds like I'm one of three, at least, who got dropped. I don't like not getting your posts, since I love reading them!

My son and daughter-in-law will be at the Fair tomorrow. I would love to go too, but I have medical appointments in Eugene both Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't think my daughter would be up to doing that much driving three days in a row.

Michelle said...

Jeanne, if tomorrow is anything like today, you'll be avoiding headaches. SO MANY PEOPLE!!!