Saturday, April 30, 2022

Four down, five to go

In fleece harvest, that is. In lambing, it's still three down, one to go. Bridget was clearly not going to lamb before I left at o'dark thirty Wednesday morning, so maybe she'll wait until I return. But I did get her sheared, and also rooed Bernadette and Spot. I've never been able to roo Bette and Bernadette before, so that was a pleasant surprise; nice to have a couple of those (pleasant surprises, that is) this year for a change. Rooing is faster and thus easier on my back, and there are no second cuts. From the tattered look of others, I'll hopefully be able to harvest additional fleeces that way when I get back. Lambing and shearing in May, oh my; that's just the way this strange, discombobulated year is going.
 Bridget in the waning light after a several-hour shearing

Bernadette, half-rooed
Her c-section site blends in now!

Bernadette after rooing
Bernie's fleece
Spot the handsome lambic-daddy

Spot after rooing, showing the little white streak on his lower belly

Fresh sheep suit in the twilight

Before I left, I got the ewes and lambs out on pasture as much as possible, both because it saves on hay (which is running low) and because the foxtail was already heading out. By the time I get back from this trip to Texas, pasture season for sheep (because of the wicked foxtail awns) will be over. So here are likely the final spring photos and videos of sheep on lush grass:

Here in the Texas panhandle, it is slightly greener than it was last month, where some lawns have been watered and some trees have leafed out. It's 30° warmer than it is back home, but I packed for that. The last photo is one of the three redbud trees in front of my parents' house. It took me awhile to realize what they were; flowers seem to shrink from the arid wind here, instead of flaunting themselves 'loud and proud' like they do in the Willamette Valley.

That's all I've got for April!


Wanda said...

Bernadette fleece is gorgeous! I love watching lambs jump, spring and spoying (phonetics). Praying for you during this time in Texas, and that Bridget will wait to lamb until after you’re home.

Michelle said...

Thanks for all of that, Wanda. :-)

Retired Knitter said...

Those are some good looking sheep!

Michelle said...

Glad you like them, Elaine. Hopefully you'll be seeing some sheep in person soon!

A :-) said...

I hope thinks are going OK in TX . . . Loved seeing Broadway and Bling hopping around :-)

Jeanne said...

I really enjoyed your blog post. The pictures are great. And I loved the videos of those cuties!

Are your parents still doing okay? I hope and pray that they are.