Friday, February 04, 2022


For my records: on Wednesday morning Rick helped me vaccinate my breeding flock (even Spot) for Covexin 8; that way the lambs are born with some immunity. And he didn't say a word about my breeding four ewes, so I think I'll ask him to ultrasound Blaise. 😉

At this point I'm still tentatively planning to go to Texas. My boss has had surgery and is so far recovering well; her son and husband are home. Very encouraging news, especially given the state of their vehicle:

My last post featured 'therapist Chuckie' Today I am featuring another of my essential mental health professionals – Poppy. Living with her, playing with her, watching her play, and training with her are all good for body, mind and soul.

Keeping me company during morning devotions:

Playing with her sister last weekend:

Living dangerously with my high-spirited mare:

Running a course during agility class last night:

I finally thought to ask another class member to shoot video of us. REALLY impressed with the quality given the low-light setting!

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Mama Pea said...

The picture of your boss's car gave me shivers! So enjoyed the video of you and Poppy running the course. She's doing so well!

marlane said...

The wreck looks like a rollover with the roof flattened like that, they were very very lucky. I would have loved to have done agility with my beloved Roy, he is gone now, but we had no where close that had an agility course. You are fortunate to be able to do that with Poppy.

Michelle said...

It's taken awhile (and last night she had the distracted zoomies at first!), but Poppy really is getting good at agility, Mama Pea. This is my first experience with it, and there is so much for the handler to learn!

Marlane, I was told the car hit black ice and flipped; I don't know if it landed on its wheels or was righted by emergency responders. And yes, they were so very blessed that none of them were hurt worse, or died. I have to drive almost an hour to the training facility for agility, but the teacher was recommended by a friend who goes there; the teacher is very good and relatively inexpensive.

Retired Knitter said...

I had to laugh when she didn’t take that one jump. I could see her brain working - saying - “but mom, I am so much faster if I don’t take these jumps.” She sure is cute. And she sure wants to please.

That car accident damage sure was impressive. Reminded me of the level of damage my mom’s car sustained when she was hit by a driver who ran through red light and smacked right into her side - hit hard enough to bend her car into a V shape with the point of the V just behind the driver’s seat. She missed dying by inches. I remember very clearly when I stood in the junk yard to retrieve her belongings from that totaled car. I hadn’t seen it previously. I was just stunned - tears in my eyes and my breathing absent for a short bit - God was most definitely seated beside her that day. She had a cracked pelvis - but survived.

Anyone you walk away from (or live through) counts!

Tim B. Inman said...

Pooch Therapy: Yes! I have no place at all with a course, but I'm thinking maybe I could set up a 'country' version when the weather gets nice and letting Annie try her hand at it. Perfect!

Animals and people go together. We learn from them, they learn from us. It all goes around and around. I love it!


Mokihana said...

Praise God your boss' family survived that terrible wreck. That had to be a terribly frightening experience. Looking at the car gives me the shivers. It was fun watching Poppy do agility, too. She sure is fast! I'm happy you're both enjoying it so much.

Jeanne said...

Your boss's car almost makes me sick. I'm thankful that none of the family was killed. That car is so badly damaged... The Lord was definitely watching over them.

I'm glad you and Poppy are getting back into the agility program. Thanks for sharing the video. It's really cute!

It must be fun to see Poppy and Penny play together!

I'm anxious to learn if Blaise is pregnant.

If you do go to Texas, please let us know.

Take care!

Michelle said...

Elaine, Poppy was focused on that teeter-totter because we train it with LOTS of treats to get them comfortable with the movement – and I didn't work that missed jump as well as I could have.

Tim, we practice 'country' and 'house' versions of obstacles just for fun; she's learned to jump through my circled arms that way! Training is good bonding, as well as mental and physical exercise.

Mokihana, my boss has a long recovery ahead and her husband is still in a lot of pain, too, but still better than dead!

I AM going to Texas, Jeanne, right after our next agility class. 😉

A :-) said...

If (when?) I ever get another dog, I would love to get one that would enjoy agility work. Poppy looks like she's really getting the hang of it! That car looks bad - making me think back to my accident in 2014 in my 3 months to the day old new SUV. Totaled. All airbags deployed. Reasonably sure that had I been in my old car I would have been seriously injured or killed. I hope your boss and her family will heal well and quickly.