Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Not enough towels

It started out clear, then fogged in, then cleared again

So it has been raining every day since we got back from Tennessee (except yesterday; see above). Sometimes off and on, sometimes heavy, sometimes sideways (read strong wind). I have small towels at all entrances to dry off a small dog, and go through a lot of them. Poppy cleans up easily (unless she's been digging), but I have to rub down not just her feet, but all four legs and her undercarriage, too – that's what happens when you go full tilt in the slop!

We are told Poppy and her sister had a wonderful time together while we were gone. When we dropped her off, she tried to follow us out the door, but when we returned to pick her up, I really don't think she wanted to leave. I've taken her over to the neighbor's to play once since, but those dogs won't race and wrestle like she longs to do. We need another Decker....
Just look at these two peas on a pod; they are actually resting!

Before we left for Tennessee, we picked up a new dishwasher but Rick didn't have time to install it. He did that Sunday, pulling out the old, failing one and getting the new one all hooked up. Then I loaded it up (the old one was full of dirty dishes because Rick didn't give me a heads-up on his timing) to try it out. Water started pooling out from under the island cabinet – grab the towels! Cancel, drain, pull it out, start it again to figure out the source, cancel, drain, start (THERE it is!), cancel, drain – and mop up. Time to do a BIG load of old towels! (The unit has been returned and a replacement is ordered.)

But I also need towels for around the washing machine. The rubber gasket around the front-loading door has several holes and tears (thanks to the stuff men leave in their clothing), so it leaks. I've asked Rick to order a new gasket several times (he's replaced it before); last night I asked him to please do it NOW. He decided to order two. 😏

I know, first world problems.

How about some fiber content. I took some Dorset roving with me for travel spinning and finished it the night before we flew home. No worries; I also packed a hat kit my mom gave me. She planned to knit this herself but passed it on to me after having it for years. The kit supposedly contained everything needed, but when I pulled out the circular needle, it looked too long for a hat. Hmmm. I cast on anyway. The pattern said to cast on 40 stitches and join to knit in the round, but there was no way 40 stitches could stretch that far. I was finally able to spread them all out and join 60 stitches; I decided to see how that worked. Before the end of our first long flight, I was running out of yarn well before I had a hat; it was more like a giant's headband, or a puny cowl. I KNEW that needle was all wrong! I shoved the whole thing back in my bag, and somehow endured the rest of the trip without anything to keep my hands busy. When I got home I frogged it and started over with a 16" needle, and soon had this:

Last weekend was party time. Our church's women's ministries Christmas party was Saturday night, and I was lucky enough to end up with a beautiful scarf (and ornament, not shown) in the cut-throat gift exchange:

The second party, for our Christian trail-riding club, was on Sunday. I finished plying my Dorset singles there while visiting:

Now I have nothing on the needles or spindles. I'm waffling between remedying that and doing some Christmas baking. It's been kind of hard to get 'in the mood' when we don't have a tree or a plan that I've heard of to get one. We could go cut a big one at the place we got one last year, but that's a two-person job, and the weather isn't any more conducive than Rick's schedule. So yesterday I decided to take the initiative after my neighbor told me about a place on our hill with $5 Noble firs. They were little things and I figured my guys wouldn't be happy, but I chose one and brought it home. Sure enough, both Rick and Brian declared it too small and ugly to grace our home. Not one to waste a tree, I offered it to a friend (no tree for her due to dogs) before deciding to bring it in anyway. Since Rick is now talking about getting a BIG one, I put it beside the fireplace instead of in front of the deck doors and trimmed it before anyone else got home. Lo and behold, no one has griped about it yet – it's a Christmas miracle!

In honor of starting to get "in the mood," I give you this (which also happens to be the ring tone on my phone!):

That's it for the second post today from . . .


Mama Pea said...

And THAT'S why we all keep a good supply of old towels! My goodness, but you have had too much water both inside and out. Good for you for getting that nice little Christmas tree. Sometimes it takes an action like that to put others into action! The guys had better hurry with their big tree because Christmas is coming up fast. Isn't it good to know that if you want or have to leave Poppy for any reason she's very happy in her temporary home? I have two Glenn Miller Christmas albums that are getting a good workout these pre-holiday days. I like having something by him as a ring tone. I may copy you!

Michelle said...

Oh Mama Pea, good friends and neighbors who are willing to care for our animals are PRICELESS! I am really enjoying my little tree. :-)

Retired Knitter said...

I sure did enjoy that music. There is something about that time period that was just pure. We were. a different peopled nation then.

Jeanne said...

We, too, have a supply of old towels. At our house they are called "doggie towels" since they are often used for the furbabies! You have my sympathy for all the water you've had indoors!

You had quite a time with that hat kit! It must have been frustrating!

I'm glad you got your little tree put up. Looks good to me!


Tim B. Inman said...

I was never been a 'big band' fan, until I got old enough to appreciate it. Now I really like it. Plus, Glenn Miller was born in Clarinda, Iowa - about 25 miles from where I live. Every summer they put on a Glenn Miller festival of music. The Glenn Miller Orchestra comes and plays! They are absolutely wonderful to hear in person. I've missed it the last couple of years, and am eagerly anticipating this summer's music. If you get the chance, go hear 'em!


Susan said...

Good for you! I love your little tree. I don't know anyone who would have enough towels to handle all you've had to go through! We've had mostly rain here, with a little sleet and ice to keep it interesting, which makes it a little harder to get into the holiday spirit. Sending you love and hugs for the holidays xo

A :-) said...

Been awhile since I've heard In The Mood. Thank you!! You are the second friend whose dishwasher has crapped out in the past week. Sure hoping these things don't come in threes! I love that sweet, little tree. I didn't really decorate at all this year (I would have had to have done so in mid-October), so I'm enjoying seeing everyone else's decorations.