Sunday, August 29, 2021

Almost "Adios, August!"

I've posted more on my dressage blog this month than I have here; I suppose that's because there's more progress in that arena (heh). Still....

Even if the rust-colored leaves here are from scorching heat and drought:

So thankful the scorching heat seems truly over, but we are still crispy-dry. I continue to do CPR landscape watering, and of course keep the garden watered. In return, it is blessing us with lots of food.
Much of this...

...went into this. We're eating a lot of pasta salad this summer!

Mediterranean Eggplant

I decided to dehydrate that big bag of basil

Another batch of pasta salad

The fruit on our trees has been affected by the drought, but there is fruit. This morning I picked the first of the prunes and loaded the dehydrator.

There has been at least a temporary reprieve in the DS's employment drought. After not having a job for a month (don't ask me why in today's "employee's market" 🙄), Brian is working at the State Fair. So is Rick, as State Fair Veterinarian, in addition to taking care of his usual clientele. It means early mornings and late nights; both of us are tired. But I did catch one pretty sunrise because of our current schedule! (The others have been unremarkable.)

I've gone with Rick twice so far for his evening rounds; last night I envied this gilt her deep, relaxed sleep:

This sheep, on the other hand, looked ready for a night on the town!

The Fair is smaller this year, but I am just glad it's back after it was cancelled last year. There's no draft horse show for either Brian or me to compete in, but Rick's Shire client is there to do demonstrations with his big, black beauties daily.

Speaking of cancelled events, our annual neighborhood picnic is a no-go again this year. After last year's pandemic cancellation, the hosts wanted to hold it this summer, but they weren't comfortable with unvaccinated people attending, and a few of the neighbors who always come aren't (including a retired nurse; sigh). I got this update from the source when I was walking Poppy yesterday afternoon; it was good to see this neighbor for the first time since before the pandemic. And look at my good girl chilling in the shade waiting for me!

My cousin and his wife are still recovering from COVID, but at least both are home now. My cousin can't do much of anything without oxygen, and who knows if they will fully recover or be 'long-haulers.' That whole situation had me pretty worked up; I still struggle to understand how people can fall for such lies. And now some childrens' hospitals are maxed out; some of the youngest among us (you know, the ones "they" said couldn't catch or at least get sick from COVID) are now dying. I'd better shut up now; I can feel my agitation rising.

I need to chill, like Poppy:

That's it for now from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Your frustrations are a mirror to my own ... regarding the lack of belief in science. Apparently the stupidity of these non-believers extends into the stratosphere as they totally ignore the fact that millions of people have gotten this shot in an “unofficial” testing of the vaccine, and it has proved IT WORKS!! But still many feel this result is FAKE NEWS! Guess at whose feet I drop this ridiculous attitude!! The legacy of Trump still haunts us as a country. I, too, must stop now. Getting worked up only hurts me.

Tim B. Inman said...

"Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public." P.T. Barnum

I'll leave it at that, so I don't get agitated!

The raccoons and/or coyotes got ALL my late sweetcorn in one night this past week. One night! Now that makes me agitated for sure!!!!


Michelle said...

Elaine, I think 45's worst legacy is LEGITIMIZING the some of the deepest, darkest thoughts, fears, and dreams among us. He didn't create those demons, but he sure opened Pandora's box, and just like in that fable, we'll never be able to stuff them back in.

Ah yes, and so it has always been thus; right, Tim? Only now that lack of intelligence can be spread around the world at the touch of a finger or a glance at an ever-present screen – causing a pandemic of disinformation! Terrible news about the corn! We were given a couple dozen ears, which are now safely stowed (cooked) in fridge and freezer.

Jeanne said...

Oh, and do I ever share your feelings about people who refuse to get the vaccinations, don't believe it's necessary, don't trust that it'll help, or turn to the good, old horse wormer.... Oops! I'm becoming agitated!

Your pictures from the State Fair are really great! I especially got a chuckle out of that adorable sheep, all dressed up and ready to go - somewhere!

Your prunes look lovely! I know you'll enjoy them. We don't have any fruit trees, but our lace leaf maple really got fried, when that heat wave hit us. I think it will survive, but it looks terrible.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I'll jump on your bandwagon too. Nuf said. Glad to hear Brian is doing something, even if it is temporary. Let's hope and pray he'll get the urge to continue afterwards.

Michelle said...

FFG, Brian called in 'sick' today, after staying out all night. Apparently trying to lose another job...while I try not to lose my mind.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Donna said...

I understand your frustrations. It is unfathomable to me why people do not understand that the virus is way worse than the vaccine. And the guilt you would have if you spread it to some one else.

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