Thursday, February 04, 2021

Short trip, but long on drama

Last weekend we drove to Walla Walla to see our college student. We had just taken him back for winter term less than three weeks earlier, but when you get the opportunity to have your fuel paid for, you go! One of Rick's clients needed to get a horse to Washington State University vet school for an MRI but didn't have a hauling vehicle, so we transported her horse and then headed south to spend the weekend with Brian . . . and meet his girlfriend.

The trip started out pleasantly enough. Poppy is a fine traveling companion and heading east through the Columbia River Gorge is always a beautiful drive.

Then we left our usual route to make our way to Pullman. Just before dusk a 'pea soup' fog settled in, slowing us way down as we navigated an unfamiliar road. Then, contrary to the weather forecast, the temperature started falling and some snow and frost appeared on the asphalt, making the trip with a horse trailer (containing someone else's valuable horse) vastly more stressful. Praise the Lord and Rick's careful driving, we made it safely to the vet school and got the horse unloaded, then on into Walla Walla. Even though we arrived later than anticipated, Brian and his girlfriend drove over to our hotel room to visit that night. I think someone was rather excited. 😉 We had a lovely visit, losing track of time until seven minutes before their dorm curfews, so off they dashed.

Less than 20 minutes later, Brian called. He said we needed to come get him from the dorm and take him to the hospital. What? WHY?!? He was crossing campus from the girls dorm to the boys dorm (they had come in his girlfriend's car), slipped/tripped at the top of six concrete steps, and came to at the bottom. He was bleeding profusely from a split chin, and was certain he had a concussion. Rick picked Brian up and took him to the local hospital while I stayed with Poppy. Sure enough, he had a concussion, needed four stitches in his chin, and had a CAT scan to make sure he hadn't broken the back of his jaw from the impact (there was 'only' soft tissue damage there). 😳

Needless to say, none of us got much sleep Friday night, so instead of getting up and going to church together the next morning, we all slept in – some more than others.

This was Poppy the next morning in her meerkat pose, looking out at the water: 

Our hotel was beside a canal with a walking path on either side, so while Rick got more sleep, I took Poppy for a walk.

Then we sat on the bed and watched a church service online:
Poppy really liked our bed! (She slept in her crate at night so I could get some sleep.)
Saturday afternoon Brian and his girlfriend met us at a nearby park for a walk,
then later they came to our room to eat the take-out Indian food we picked up. Poppy was delighted to see 'her boy.'

A closer look at his damaged chin
Brian had asked us to bring his violin; I was thrilled to have him play a couple tunes. I have really missed his music.
Fortunately, the weekend held no more drama. We saw Brian and his girlfriend again briefly Sunday before we left, had an uneventful drive home,
and arrived in time to do chores and then relax awhile before bedtime.

That's it for last weekend's trip from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

What a lovely visit with your son - with the exception of the fall and trip to the hospital. Such tough luck with that fall, but if it had to happen - best you were near enough to assist. That Poppy! She is such a character - I loved her perch position. I assume this is something related to her breed?? With full breed dogs their breeding comes out. I have a friend to has a German Pointer and what what she does - she points!! Hahaha. They don’t use her as a hunting dog, she is a pet but that doesn’t get in the way of what she was bred to do!!

Mama Pea said...

Phew, I'm exhausted from your weekend trip! I can just imagine how harrowing pulling the horse and trailer through that slippery/foggy weather must have been. My stomach kinda clenches thinking of it because of similar circumstances we've been in before. And meeting Brian's girlfriend! Very interesting, I'm sure. His slip and fall could have been so much worse obviously. Nasty cut on his chin but . . . well, it could have been so much worse. Even Poppy must have needed a good rest when you returned safely home.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Tim B. Inman said...

Brings back memories of raising a pair of teenage boys at our house! No stranger to stitches were we!

Love the canal pics. I've never seen 'stepped' canals. FYI, I've been watching video programs of the canals in UK (about 3000 miles of them - who knew?). Fascinating! Cruising the Cut was my first set. You see England from centuries ago, and now people are living aboard 60 ft long 'narrowboats'. Check it out.

Mountaingmom said...

So glad you got to visit and meet his special gal. Sorry about the drama, but it sounds like he will be fine. How about the horse? Did it just get left there?

Florida Farm Girl said...

Wow, I think that was enough excitement for one trip. Curious, did you bring the horse back with you? Glad Brian was not insured more seriously.

Mokihana said...

Long on drama is right! I'm sure happy Brian's okay and that you got to hear him play. I was wondering how his chin did on the violin. I loved seeing the geese in the canal, and am glad you're home safe.

Michelle said...

Elaine, I don't know if Poppy's upright, stand-on-her-hind legs stance is specific to her breed or not. I just know that she does it often, on and off-leash (as in the photo), in order to see something better. She has strength and balance!

Poppy was no doubt the most rested of all of us, Mama Pea!

"fly!" (with a wink to Sara)

Rick has stitched up one of Brian's 'boo-boos', Tim, but he didn't do this one since Brian was also showing clear signs of concussion and needed to be checked out for that anyway. A few years ago I followed a blogger who rented one of those narrowboats for months at a time, twice, to cruise the British canals with her husband. It WAS fascinating!

Mountaingmom and Sue, WSU only does MRIs Tuesday-Thursday, so we left the horse. The owner will pick up the horse herself at some point; its length of stay will be determined by what the MRI shows and whether it stays there for some treatment.

Mokihana, I was surprised he chose to play AFTER his accident, but I think showing off a little for his girlfriend made a little discomfort worth it. 😉 There were also mallards and Common Mergansers on the canal. We've stayed at this hotel once before; I love to walk that canal!

Jeanne said...

Wow! That was quite the trip! I'm so glad the drive was safe! I'm sorry Brian was hurt, but thankful that it wasn't more serious. So neat that he played his violin for you and his girlfriend.

A :-) said...

What a trip! I'm sorry about Brian's fall and stitches and hope that he will heal quickly and well. Can hardly believe he wanted to play with stitches in his chin!

Donna said...

So sorry about the scary drama. I am hoping the girlfriend is a positive influence and there are no further ER trips with your visits.