Friday, November 27, 2020

Yes, the boy is home

Last night I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving before the day was over, so skipped over other stuff – fun photos I've taken, and a day's drive up the Columbia River Gorge and back to retrieve our college student for his first home leave.

We had beautiful weather for most of our trip Tuesday; the wind and rain didn't start until after dark on our way home. The Columbia River was as flat and still as I've ever seen it, and we even had some blue sky and a pretty sunset in Walla Walla.

Poppy was the perfect little traveling dog; whenever we had to stop for human or truck fuel, I took her on a brisk walk around the environs, stretching our legs and getting my steps in (don't want to mess up my now 30-day streak of reaching/exceeding my daily step goal of 12,000!). When we got to campus, I actually thought to have my phone ready to capture her reunion with Brian. 😍

Brian was champing at the bit to DRIVE again, 'deprived' of the privilege as he was this quarter, but only lasted about 40 miles before acknowledging that he was getting sleepy and letting Rick take the wheel again. He slept most of the way home, went to his room shortly after we arrived, and didn't emerge until 4:30 Wednesday afternoon! I guess there's nothing like your own bed after staying up studying for quarter finals. When he finally did get up Wednesday he wasn't here long, because his grandma had invited him to spend Wednesday night at her house; that way he could drive her here for Thanksgiving dinner. Today he's off seeing friends (promising that he'd wear his mask with others) and probably won't be home until long after we've gone to bed. He's easing us out of empty-nesting; ha!

Since Poppy got to co-star in the above video, how about we turn the dial to the Chuckie Channel? In this episode, we can see that the struggle between being terrestrial and arboreal is real. "Terrorize the human, or terrorize the sheep? Why choose just one?!?"

That's it for today from . . .


Donna said...

I love the Chuckie terrorizing the sheep photos- thanks!

wyomingheart said...

Oh my, but that Little Rock Star Chuckie just makes me smile !! He truly is the King of his jungle! The reaction of the sheep made us laugh out loud! Thanks for that,...and my Rock Star fix!

Susan said...

I wonder what the sheep are thinking? I bet it was good to get home to his own bed! I (vaguely) remember my first holiday back home from college.

Retired Knitter said...

You said in a post on my blog that we were probably pretty much alike and would be great neighbors! Oh, how I wish we were neighbors!

I would have all your animals totally spoiled - especially that Chuckie. He is so funny. And although I know your sheep are "livestock" and not really pets, I would be campaigning against any selling off or trading any of sheep! The more the merrier I say as the flock grows in size. And if you had to find new home for some I would heavily vet the new owners making sure they kept up MY standard of spoiling. I wouldn't make Stella do anything for treats - she would get them like my grand dogs and grand daughter do - just for breathing!! hahaha. She would come running when she saw me knowing that I am the lady who is a total push over. Everyone with fur would be so much out of control but loved well after I was done with them.

So, now that I have put things in perspective ... you are probably thinking ... the east coast is close enough for that crazy blog pal. haha!

Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your family. Hope the school break continues to be peaceful.

Mama Pea said...

Waaaahhh! Couldn't see the video of Poppy welcoming Brian! It just showed a "private" notation when I tried to click on it. :o(

Michelle said...

Donna, I've never seen Chuckie "stalk" the sheep, but they sure keep an eye on HIM!

You're most welcome, wyomingheart!

You have a better memory than I do, Susan! Then again, my parents lived nearby my freshman year, so I could go home any time I wanted. They encouraged me to live in the dorm, though, to get more involved in college life.

The new neighbors are doing their best to fill your shoes, Elaine, at least with Stella. She get carrots from them often!

Thanks for the heads-up, Mama Pea. I DID inadvertently have that video set to "Private." All fixed now, so you should all be able to watch it. 😊

Florida Farm Girl said...

Chuckie is my kind of cat! Glad Brian is home for a bit and hope all is going well for him.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Donna!! I loved this post!! All of it!! My favorite parts are the video of Poppy running to meet Brian, and Chuckie in the trees! The sheep watching him so carefully are priceless.

You do a great job!

Michelle said...

Chuckie is definitely special, Sue. We're hoping Brian can find work during this break; he needs to pay for his share of the car insurance – and college!;

Ha ha, Jeanne; this is your OTHER sheep blogpal Michelle!

Kim said...

Poppy and Chuckie are so cute! Lordy I remember staying up studying, or finishing a did I ever do it? Ah well, glad he’s safe and sound at home.

I’ve never seen a cat terrorizing sheep! Learn a new thing everyday, even better if it’s fun!