Saturday, October 31, 2020

Party of one?

 Right this way!

Yes, it was quite late on Hug a Sheep Day, but the girls welcomed me into the fold nonetheless. Well, three of them did. Grand dam(e) Sarai always hopes for cookies (wee bits of horse treats that I save for her), and her twin daughters Bridget and Bardot are reliably friendly. Bardot's version of 'friendly' is a little, um, insistent. She pushes with her head, and if I sit down in the fold like I did tonight, she will strike paw me with a front hoof. It was nice to spend that time with her, because tomorrow some people are coming to look at her and hopefully take her home.

The sheep have been drawing my eye a lot lately, so picturesque in the green grass and autumn light. There are the grand dames, Vienna (head up) and Sarai,

and Blaise (on the left, below), the only one of the other ewes not descended from Vienna and Sarai (with one of the musket girls looking like she's wearing a string bikini).

All three of the musket girls were busting out of their coats, so last night I fitted them with larger ones. They look much more comfortable now:

Other scenes of autumn:

Red Kuri squash harvest, prepped for cooking,

The Japanese maples in front are just starting to turn,

while the ones on the deck are just finishing up

A subtle sunset seen while hand-walking Lance down the lane and back,
and a much more colorful sunrise the last morning of October.

(Itty-bitty) snake alert ahead, for those who get the heebie-jeebies from seeing one (can you tell I've been scolded before???).

This little garter snake surprised me in the driveway down near the barn on a coolish morning. It's late in the year to be seeing snakes; I hope it found a place to overwinter!

Halloween is not an 'event' here, but I have saved a photo just for the occasion. Remember those shaggy mane mushrooms that came up right after Blake died? When they pass their peak picking condition, Shaggy Manes quickly deliquesce, a fancy term for turning downright ghoulish. So Happy Halloween to those of you who 'celebrate'!

Stay tuned for a November surprise from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Lovely pictures . . . except for the one of the you-know-what. Isn't it silly that even though I knew what was coming, as I scrolled down (totally prepared for the you-know-what) I involuntarily let out an "ugh" and shivered. The mushroom pic was totally Halloween-ish! Boo.

Michelle said...

And "Boo" to you! We enjoyed our squash for dinner yesterday. I seasoned it with some maple syrup and a bit of pink salt and white pepper, and it was very good!

Retired Knitter said...

Aww ... that is part about having farm animals - the parting! I could never be a farmer with live stock because they would all rapidly become loved pets and I wouldn't let them go. I know that is silly but it is just how I am wired.

Jeanne said...

I enjoyed your post today! I thank you for the warning about the snake. I don't really like them, although I know the garter snakes are helpful critters. I just don't like them - especially when they show up suddenly right beside me!

My daughter is going to try making squash mug cakes. They're cooked in the microwave. We've never made squash ones before - usually have chocolate and/peanut butter.

May you have a wonderful week.

I'm not thrilled with the time change, yet again. How about you??

FRAN said...

Well, I'm trying to adjust to the "fall back," I really dislike the shifting time changes more as I age. Your pictures were lovely as usual. Love the little snake, but if you have read my blog, you know they don't bother me as I have had to relocate 3 in two years from the coop and often photograph garter snakes on our walks. We dropped to winter cold last night after a few nights of frost and our leaves have all been ripped from the trees by the wind. Last night or early this morning, the wind took down one of my wild bird feeders and smashed it against the rock wall. It claims to be recycled plastic, maybe some superglue will put it back together.

A :-) said...

I'm sensing more changes coming to your flock.

Michelle said...

Elaine, perhaps your wiring would be different if you were – or became – a farmer. ;-)

Jeanne, how were the mug cakes? I haven't been thrilled with the ones I've tried, no matter the flavor. As for the time change, I just wish we could leave the clocks alone....

Fran, we still have some color, unusually mild temps – and not enough rain. :-(

You must have spidey senses, A. ;-)