Tuesday, May 19, 2020

When 'negative' is positive

My mom texted this morning: "Dad's test is negative!!!" Great news! Well, good news, with caveats. Read this article from the Mayo Clinic to understand my sister's and my ongoing concerns, but there's really nothing we can do about it from afar. At least Dad doesn't seem to be getting sicker, and Mom and my step-brother aren't showing any symptoms . . . that we've been told about . . . yet.

On to other updates.

Sheep: One more sheared, just three to go. Below is plump little Bree, who got 'fleeced' on Sunday. I plan to shear Bridget tomorrow, which will be the last of the nine fleeces that one client reserved, leaving Sarai and Bittersweet to do for the other client.
Neighborhood: Framing has commenced on our new neighbor's house. They have moved on site, using both their travel trailer and their shop for living space and putting in a nice little garden. Puppy had another playdate with their dog on Sunday, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

More Poppy: At her last PT session yesterday, the therapist measured her front legs again to compare to the measurements she took at Poppy's first session. The 'bad' leg's circumference above the elbow has increased to within two centimeters of the good leg's measurement (from 18/23 to 21.5/23.5). The leg still looks scrawny and the foot flat and misshapen, but both should continue to improve with time.
'Bad' foot, top

"Good' foot, bottom

We are winding down on PT; she had her last laser treatment last week and as of yesterday, treadmill sessions are going down to once a week. The therapist said swimming would be good now, so I plan to set up a 'pool.' We have a round stock tank we're not using, so I could swim her in circles (both directions equally). My only concern is that the water will be cold....

Poppy continues to play daily with her BFF (best feline friend) Chuckie,

and today she got to play with Glory, my friend's flat-coated retriever:

Flower power:

Miscellaneous: Last night Brian and I took a short walk before chores and took in a beautiful sunset:

That's all I have time for; thanks for visiting . . .


Leigh said...

Cautiously hopeful news about your dad! Not getting sicker is hopeful too.

Nice to hear about Poppy's progress. Sounds like you've got good new neighbors!

Retired Knitter said...

Just to complicate this testing question further - I saw a TV spot on a man who was sick with Covid - but waited more than a week - maybe two - before he went in for help and he had all the symptoms - and HE tested negative. Then they did an antibody test in the hospital and he had the antibodies. Doctors surmised that if you wait too long to get tested, the virus works its way out of your body - but you are still left dealing with the symptoms that could continue to keep you sick.

Hard to know if that is true. Only time will tell as more examples show and patterns are identified. Beyond the fact this virus has a higher rate of death than flu - it is just a hard target to hit. Darn scary I say.

Mama Pea said...

So good to hear your dad is holding his own and no one else living with him has shown any symptoms. All in all, that's good news.

Poppy is a lucky little pup to get so much socialization and exercise with other animals. But no horses, please!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Good news, let us hope about your Dad. I love all those flowers around your house.

Jeanne said...

It's so difficult to know what to think about cases like your dad is going through! I'll be praying for him, for healing. Retired Knitter had interesting comments.

Your irises are so exquisite! Absolutely beautiful!

Praying for Poppy's complete healing! It doesn't seem to hold her back as far as playing goes, any longer.

Have a blessed day!

Michelle said...

I just talked to Mom and Dad and all sounds good, Leigh. Dad isn't getting sicker (and is monitoring his oxygenation rate), and neither Mom nor Mike have any symptoms. And yes, our neighbors seem very nice – and I'm trying to be a nice neighbor, too! As much as we'd like more unoccupied space around us, might as well be friends when the inevitable occurs.

Elaine, there is just so much about this virus that we (as in the doctors and scientists) don't know yet, in spite of what 'some' say. Best to be cautious, IMHO, and listen to the experts as they gain more knowledge. ("Even on 'Gilligan's Island' they knew to listen to the scientist instead of the millionaire." 😉)

Mama Pea, the socialization AND exercise are so good for her!

Thanks, Sue; your own flowers are wonderful, too!

Thanks for your prayers, Jeanne. Poppy is sore on her leg after a good romp, but overall I think it's good for her to do, at least periodically. (And no, it doesn't hold her back while playing!)

wyomingheart said...

Great news about your Dad, and family! Thanks for the rockstar fix!!!!

A :-) said...

Yes!!! So glad to hear that your dad is negative and is getting better. And now I want a Flat-Coated Retriever . . .

Michelle said...

A, my friend has been very happy with her two. She got the first one after an online quiz about 'what kind of dog is best for you' said it was a good breed for her, and it was correct!

Michelle said...

You're welcome, wyomingheart. 😊