Friday, November 22, 2019

Our used car lot

I took that photo this morning. With the wrecked Ranger in the garage, my VW (which had better be feeling pampered after getting an oil change, front bushings replaced, and four new tires yesterday! 😳) and Rick's vet truck are staying outside, along with Rick's old vet truck/now our general farm truck (the red Ford full of leaves), the previous general farm truck (the long-dead and moldering blue Chevy that my guys won't part with 🙄), and now Rick's 'new' vet truck (navy Ford; same year, make and model as his current vet truck but with 400,000+ less miles on it, purchased from a client). And that's just the BIG stuff sitting around. I admit to sometimes daydreaming about all the things I'd purge if something happened to Rick. I could see myself in a 'tiny house' – with a big barn (or maybe one of these combo jobs.)

Oh, and Wovember? I quit. Every evening my increasingly tired brain struggles with inspiration to meet the daily prompt. Certain others in my life saddle me with enough responsibilities; I don't need another one.

But it was a good day with my BFF (Best Furry Friend). This morning he made it clear that he wanted lap-time, and when I got ready to run to town for a 'Blue Friday' sale at the feed store, he made it clear that he wanted to go along. It's been ages since we've had an outing like that, and he seemed to enjoy it all – the ride, checking out the sights and smells at the store, meeting people and dogs, and of course a special treat for the ride home. 😋

This afternoon I washed the 'Skittles hat' and have it blocking on a plate. I'm not as thrilled with the hat as I am with the yarn, but that's the way it goes. I think I'll go grab another sample of dyed Shetland top from Jamieson & Smith and do some soothing spinning – or maybe I'll just go to bed. 😴

Good night from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

400,000 miles??? WOW. I have never heard of a vehicle with that many miles! And it is still running?? We take good care of our cars - under the hood. We are not fussy about the exterior or interior, but we do all the right stuff for the engine and working parts that make the car go. And still, we have never gotten 400,000 miles. That's amazing.

Those pictures of your fur baby are wonderful. You can see he was tuckered out on the ride home. It was good for him to go. Must be feeling pretty decent! Such a dear face. I miss the bully pictures. Our family loves bull dogs.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, I'd feel like you do about the car lot. I have a brother who could be like that but he just keeps building another barn to keep it all in! He might be learning his lesson though as he's sold the big horse trailer/RV. Hugs to you as you hang in there.

Michelle said...

I didn't communicate clearly, Elaine. Rick's current vet truck has well over 500,000 miles!!!

I'm glad someone understands my frustration, Sue. :-/

Michelle said...

Oh, and Elaine, that high-miles truck is still running well, and maybe it would keep going another 400,000; you never know. It becomes a gambling game, so he chose to take advantage of the offer of the much-lower-miles truck of the client's. NEW trucks are ridiculously expensive!!!

Jeanne said...

A very interesting blog! I always enjoy reading your info!

I especially felt happy while reading the part about your sweet BFF! He's so beautiful! The pics are great! That probably made your day!

My 2nd #1 daughter has about the same thing with old, high mileage vehicles sitting around!! I can't remember if they are on their fourth or fifth Suburban. They always buy used ones. But I think they all are in running condition.

Whew! I thought for a moment, that I'd lost my comment! Have a wonderful day!

Retired Knitter said...

I am totally blown away by the mileage. Just amazing.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, the saga of keeping/having the right vehicles! All of ours have high mileage on them. Heck, they had high mileage on them when we got them! They're a necessity these days whether it be for work or homestead chores or pleasure. (Too bad most of them never get used for pleasure, isn't it?!)

So glad to hear of and see Jackson looking and feeling so good. What a guy! May he continue.

I'm having the same pooped out feeling in the late afternoon/early evening as you are. I'm blaming it on the time change and darkness at the end of the day. Seriously, I haven't been able to stay upright later than 9 p.m. these days. I'm becoming more like a big ol' bear wanting to go into hibernation!