Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hip-hip, hoo-rain!

Sunday's load of firewood before the showers started

Monday's sunrise

Monday morning rainbow

My view from work during a downpour Monday

Ahhh; EVERYthing is breathing a sigh of relief. We're on our third day of cool temps and on-and-off showers. The dust of summer has been rinsed off, the air is clean and fresh, the plants have all perked up – fall is on its way. And the clouds – oh, the clouds!

With this respite, we can endure whatever summer has left up its sweaty sleeve.

Brian is playing soccer this year and has had two games (one away, one home) so far. He hasn't played since his freshman year and the improvement is remarkable. It's not like he's been practicing, so chalk it up to greater confidence, coordination and strength (I'm sure being on the basketball team every year hasn't hurt).

Today I had a sheep visitor. It looks like my ram Blake will get some action this fall, which I'm sure he will appreciate. A couple nearby vineyard owners use Babydoll Southdowns to prune their lower grape leaves and graze the grass and weeds, and are interested seeing if Shetland crosses would do as good a job with better wool. The plan is for them to 'rent' Blake to cover three of their ewes. We chatted about whether purebred Shetlands would be even better suited to the job, since they are smaller and already have the better wool, but a concern arose – literally. While we visited next to the Sheep Sheraton, Bridget put her front feet up in the feeder (the better for us to reach her to pet, of course!),
something the stubby-legged, heavy-bodied Babydolls wouldn't think of attempting. By keeping all four of their short legs on the ground, they eat just the lower leaves the vineyards want cleared from around the fruit. (Shetlands just might eat the fruit, too; hmmm.) So first things first; they are going to experiment with the cross this fall.

And if it all works out, maybe a couple of my girls will be off on a honeymoon at another fine-fleeced Shetland breeder's farm at the same time. The pitter-patter of little lambie hooves again next spring, anyone?

That's all for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Well! A change in the weather, a change in Brian and a change in your sheepie flock! Things do keep moving along and changing, for better (let's keep that up) or worse. ;o)

Susan said...

Oh, definitely YES on the pitter-patter of little lambie hooves this coming spring! You do have the best clouds... xo

thecrazysheeplady said...

8 of the next 10 days here are over 90 and the other 2 days? 88 :'-(

Michelle said...

The only thing constant is change, eh Mama Pea? And the only thing we can bank on is what has already occurred; upcoming change is just a dream or a nightmare until it's actually happened.

Que sera sera, Susan! I dearly love clouds; the lack of many is definitely one of summer's (many) detractions.

Sara, I truly feel for you and all the creatures at Equinox Farm. :'-(

Retired Knitter said...

Too cute - the picture of Bridget. How can you not love that charming and inquisitive face? I would be all over the girl!!

Leigh said...

Rain! Lucky you! It makes everything look so happy!

Breeding season is always a time of anticipation. Sounds like some good opportunities for your flock. Always looking forward to lambs in the spring!

Sharon said...

Love, love, love your visitor! I didn’t expect to miss sheep as much as I do. They’re such a compelling presence. We’re awaiting more rain this morning, supposed to start soon. I hope I never tire of it. Nice to see Brian enjoying soccer :-). Good for him!!

Michelle said...

Elaine, Bridget would be fine with that!

Leigh, who knows what future weeks will bring but for now, it feels like Fall has come to stay.

Hearing you say you miss the sheep warmed my heart, Sharon – I knew you couldn't be ALL bad! 😏😉😂🤣