Friday, January 05, 2018


Since our Christmas tree was carried to its pyre, it's been far less scenic inside and out.
 It has turned wet and gray, but that's okay; I still have things to show you! First, this cowl:
I finished it at Brian's basketball game Wednesday night – and promptly put it ON. (It was COLD in the gym, and I didn't take a coat.)

Next are some very special gifts from friends and family this season. See these?
They are rotating-pin rakes given to me by dear Jeannie. We met years ago at Black Sheep Gathering where she and her husband fell in love with Shetlands and we became fast friends; she's the one who came and helped me clean up lambs so I could put coats on them. After monkey-picking for hours, she knew I needed these, the best tools she's found for getting VM out of fleece-on-the-hoof. Why two? Because she intends to come help me in the future – truly the best part of the gift!

Time is also a huge part of the gifts Theresa sent me. Behold, a thick, soft, handwoven pillowcase! I marvel as I fondle it, sure I don't deserve it – but I will enjoy it!
Theresa also gave me the nectarine lime jam in this assortment of tasty treats. There is also cajeta and chèvre from one of Rick's clients (the wife of his woodturning mentor), pear butter from Kate, and "Eclipse Blackberry Jam" and marinated garlic from Amy.
Amy also gave me this fun little book and beautiful wooden bird ornament:
The bird and this cute dog from my mom were the last two new ornaments to join our collection this year:

My sister, who works at the Lincoln Children's Zoo where Joel Sartore started the Photo Ark, got me his coffee table book:

If you are on Instagram and don't follow Joel, you are missing out on the most stunning animal photography (and conservation efforts) around. He also did a three-part series on public television called "Rare" that is well worth seeing.

My sister also sent me these knitting books and three pairs of the cutest sheep socks (the others are navy and ecru)!

My friend Debbie, who has given me all the collectible bulldog ornaments, gave me this calendar and art tile as well:
All these treasures warm my heart because they show the givers know my heart. Thank-you!

Last night I started a "head-warmer:"
The yarn is a handspun luxury blend (camel/merino/silk) from Theresa (more generosity!) that is going to make one scrumptious hat!

That's it from gray, foggy . . .


Mama Pea said...

Oooo, what yummy gifts, all of them! You're a lucky lady to have friends and family who know you so well.

I got a chuckle out of you finishing knitting the cowl and immediately putting it on. If I didn't practically live in turtlenecks all winter, I'd be a cowl fan, too.

Michelle said...

Well, I WAS wearing a warm sweater, Mama Pea, but it just wasn't cutting it!

Theresa said...

LOL! Use that dang pillowcase Michelle, us weavers LOVE to see something loved and used...truly. It is nice to see the handspan being transformed. I'm actually using some of my own spun yarn for oversized shrink to fit fisherman's mittens. I'm betting that hat will be soft and warm. Wondering if you have a good pattern for a headband?

Retired Knitter said...

What wonderful gifts. All of them are perfect. The cowl is pretty. I have never made a vowel and I am going to rectify that omission this year.

Mokihana said...

Terrific presents, and I'm sure you deserve every one of them. I love following Joel on Instagram...his photos are amazing!


Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

All the gifts are lovely and of all worlds. When I wear wool socks, undershirts, wool hats and throat cozies, I can stay warm. Unless of course when it's been as cold as it's beenlately. Which is to say, nasty cold and I'm looking forward to being a tad bit warmer this week. Thank God!

hula-la said...

Oh my, what wonderful gifts! And I just love that cowl! Do you have a pattern that you'd like to share??? Bet your keeping warm while enjoying those yummy jams! Aloha!

Michelle said...

I WILL, Theresa! As a knitter, I know that desire to see creations USED. ;-)

RK, I don't like pulling things over my head so have stuck to scarves and small shawls. But I tried the LYS sample on and it was stretchy enough to hold out with both hands and not muss up the hair, and it's nice not to have to worry about something unwrapping from where you need it!

I doubt that, Mokihana, but I DO appreciate them.

Thankful we were spared those extreme temps, Sandra.

hula-la, the pattern is available for free on Ravelry here:

Claire MW said...

Nectarine lime jam sounds absolutely scrumptious. I'd like to try that! Your cowl is lovely. The sheep socks are definitely something I would wear!