Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fall's coming; I can feel it!

Of course, I may not be able to feel it tomorrow or again for weeks to come, but last weekend's weather has been followed by a few deliciously fresher days and nights. And it's not just me; the other morning I saw a Western Gray Squirrel industriously burying hazelnuts!
I really should harvest some of those hazelnuts and English walnuts for our own use. But when we've collected them in the past, few got shelled. I like to knit or spin when I have a chance to sit down, and my guys have no inclination to busy their fingers at all while sitting.  :-/

Rick and Brian have been stacking firewood in preparation for the change of seasons, though. That is a form of "squirreling away."
No squirrels here, just some pretty pastel flowers on my hostas.
That's it for now from . . .


C-ingspots said...

It sure has felt like fall is in the air the last few days! Deliciously cool and breezy at night. I like to get my squirreling for winter finished early, so the fall season can be enjoyed with more pleasurable pursuits. :)

Susan said...

That must feel like Heaven! I wonder if it is a female thing - I cannot sit without doing something!

Sharon said...

I just bought a Fire and Ice hosta this year which was blooming when I bought it. I've become a hosta fan this year, something I've never been able to grow before. I hope mine looks like yours next year. We were just talking about the changing seasons already. It seems a little early but the geese are already flying south and our maple tree has started to turn.. The Big Dark of winter is long enough already - yikes!

Unknown said...

I cannot sit without doing something!