Thursday, July 14, 2016

Second helpings

. . . at least for those of you who follow me on Instagram (link in righthand column).

It's no news to anyone here that I'm a shutterbug. When I have time, I often take photos of the same subject with both Mr. Panasonic (my digital camera) and my iPhone. Sometimes I prefer what one captures, and sometimes the other. And sometimes, I like what my iPhone captures so well I have to share it here as well as on IG and FB – like this one:
I happened to see that when I led Lance into the arena to ride one day.

Yesterday I took Lance on a quick ride through the woods. Ate my first wild blackberries,
Taken before tasting; ha!

and dismounted to capture this beauty with both devices:
What my iPhone saw
What my camera saw: Not as focused, but truer color
I've seen it before, an impossible shade of blue, in just one small area along the trail. On FB a friend said it is Lavender Heal-All; surprisingly what I found online says it can be invasive.

I posted a photo of this ruffled daylily on IG, but again, my camera did a better job of capturing its true colors:

Finally, another scene I captured with both devices. The iPhone image was shared on IG and FB, but I think my camera's capture is superior (it's better biggified):
It's fun to have both, though!

That's it for now from . . .

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Mama Pea said...

You're a real shutter-bug . . . and capture the loveliest photos!