Monday, June 20, 2016

Don't quit your day jobs ;-)

Last night's painterly sky
My guys got home safe and sound last night, ready for "real" food, hot showers, comfortable chairs, and soft beds. They kept telling me how great the trip was in between moaning with satisfaction over one of the above, and Brian kept asking, "Aren't you excited about going with us next time?" Effective PR agents for backpacking they are not – ha! I heard about rain, snow, and sleet, freezing nights, leaky tents and wet sleeping bags; EVERYthing came home smelling of smoke from the campfire they huddled around trying to get warm and dry. Fortunately, their last day was warm and beautiful so they came out smiling. I also made Rick smile with a Father's Day strawberry/rhubarb pie (with fresh ingredients from our garden), even though the new crust recipe I tried turned out more like a bomb shelter. :-/

I did not sleep well last night; must have been the full moon. After fighting for rest through the early morning hours, I finally surrendered to wakefulness and got up. At least I got to see the sun rise. It wasn't "spectacular," but I enjoyed the show.

Morning definitely gilded the sky at . . .

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Theresa said...

Lovely sunrise and yeah the happy campers are back. My idea of camping these days is take out and eating it on the floor of a Hilton or Marriott...... :-)