Monday, September 28, 2015

Of various orbs

I hope you all got to experience the lunar eclipse last night; we got a spectacular show last night. This morning's sunrise was pretty nice, too:

I took a break from my heavy responsibilities to get a fiber project ready, specifically, getting my SAL singles ready to ply. I'm going to use my fabric project bag, putting a turtle in each of the two inner pockets, and wrap my plying ball around a dryer ball. Wish me luck on this new skill!
Now I have a project to work on during Brian's violin lesson this afternoon. Here's a video from a previous lesson that I don't think I've shared yet. Love my fiddler's tunes!

That's it for today from . . .


Unknown said...

A little fiber project sounds good. And your fiddler is terrific. Loved being able to see and hear this video. Well done!!

farmlady said...

Beautiful yarn. I love the fiber bag. I would imagine that it keeps the yarn from tangling? Did you make it? I guess I better catch up with my blogs. I feel out of the loop. Time to read the ones I care about. Yours is one.
Brian is very good on that violin. Wow!

Michelle said...

Glad you both enjoyed the video. :-)

I bought the bag (on Etsy, I think), farmlady. My balls of singles were too fat to turn easily in their pockets at first; otherwise, it worked well. Thank-you so much for the kind compliment!