Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Strange season

This is an odd autumn. The weather has been warmer than average, messing with our fall colors. Many of the trees and shrubs seem to be shrugging their leafy shoulders and dropping green or brown leaves rather than bothering with a wardrobe change first. I think my Japanese maples will come through for me, though. In the third photo, above, you can see that the one by our entry is starting to get some color at the top (the red in the distance is our dogwood tree).

My dad's status has me as emotionally unsettled as the weather. Still, life goes on and there are daily blessings from family, friends, animals, beauty. My nephew received his early Christmas present and has given his new hat and mittens two thumbs up.

Last night I finished the third repeat of Artesian; such an enjoyable project to knit. I look forward to wearing it, too!
Hopefully you've already performed your civic duty, but just in case –

That's it for today from . . .


Mary Ann said...

What a great reminder to vote! Color is almost gone here, now.

Unknown said...

I guess we're all experiencing an unusual fall. Makes you wonder if the prognosticator for winter know what they are talking about. They say it will be mild here.

Your knitted and hat and gloves - perfect for the little one!

Is the Artesian a scarf? What a cool, lacy pattern. Very nice!

Michelle said...

I've enjoyed your fall photos, Mary Ann!

Nancy Kay, Artesian is a "small shawl" designed by Romi Hill. I'll go back and create a link to the pattern in my post.

Susan said...

Michelle, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. I hope things turn around soon. We had a lovely, rapid fall. Fast color, then they were all brown and on the ground. Love the hat and mittens - such an adorable boy!