Monday, October 13, 2014

My long and lovely lady-sheep

Two weeks ago:

This Sunday:
(I do believe she's filled out!) It was high time to clean up Vienna and get a coat on her. I enjoyed spending more time with this sweet girl, and admiring her many good qualities. She isn't quite as tall as Sarai, but needed a size F(!) coat to accommodate her nice, long body. Her fleece is very soft, with a different crimp structure than any of my other sheep.

She has such a pretty head.

When I put her back in the breeding pen,

Blake thought I'd brought him a NEW lady – "Hey, baby!"

"Oh brother; can you believe that guy?" Sarai didn't settle to Blake the other time I tried to breed them; I hope she is more accommodating this year. And I hope Blake appreciates the beautiful girls he gets to consort with this year!

Vienna was favoring her left hind leg after I put her back in the breeding pen. I don't know if I strained it getting her leg through the strap, or she had been lame before and I just hadn't noticed. This morning she didn't want to put weight on it. I'll be keeping a close eye on her.

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Spinners End Farm said...

She is such a pretty girl! :)

Leigh said...

She looks so sweet! And such a lovely fleece. It's breeding time here too, for goats, of course. I have high hopes for my Nubian doe accepting my Pygmy buck this year. She couldn't stand him in previous year but she's mellowed out quite a bit and I think will accept him if I can give him a little height to accomplish his task.

Mary Ann said...

I know you are so glad to be married to a vet at times!

thecrazysheeplady said...

It's always something, eh?

Karen said...

She reminds me very much of my ewe Clarice!

Michelle said...

Thank-you, Sherry; I feel very blessed to have her!

You've made such progress with your breeding goals, Leigh. I'm happy with the direction I'm moving, too.

Sometimes the tincture of time works best, Mary Ann. ;-)

Yes, it is, Sara – you know that better than most!

Lucky us, Karen! ;-)

Kelly said...

She looks to be loved......I couldn't have asked for more. Glad she's and you are happy.