Monday, September 01, 2014

Let them eat cake!

Pity the boys at Boulderneigh. When we found out how much sheep hay (2nd or 3rd cutting grass) has gone up, my husband said we might have to sell some sheep. I'm not opposed to that; I have an outstanding ram lamb available, one ewe I'd be willing to sell, and some wethers that would keep some lucky spinner in wonderful wool for years. But I'm not willing to send sheep "to market," so unless/until any of them are offered new homes, how will I be able to afford to feed them?

I decided the solution was to feed the boys the hay we have – the coarse valley hay we got for the horses – and save the limited amount of fine, expensive stuff we're going to get for the ewes and lambs. They all think I'm starving them to death, but as you can see by Bart's example in the photo above, they are far from it. (Bart isn't going to be losing any of that weight, either; he is eating the coarser hay better than any of the others.)

Thankfully, they aren't holding a grudge. ;-)

Although Marie Antoinette came along well after the Renaissance, her famous quote I borrowed for my title also seemed to fit what we did today.  I'll share more tomorrow, but here's a hint:
We had a blast!

That's it for today from . . .


Unknown said...

Good luck with selling your sheep.

Love a Renaissance Fair!!

Susan said...

I couldn't believe the price of your hay! I'm going to go now and count my blessings.... :)