Sunday, July 20, 2014

Like a beaded veil

After a HOT Saturday, today dawned cloudy and cool. "How nice," I thought; "so much better for an outdoor wedding than blistering heat!" Then it started to drizzle. Uh oh – but oh, so pretty!
But then, the drizzle stopped and the sun broke through the gray layer. (I found out later that the wedding site didn't get any precipitation, saving the bride any additional stress.)

It was a lovely wedding in a lovely location:

My favorite photo; a tender moment during the prayer:

The bride is a girl after my own heart – her and her sister's horses were tied up next to the platform:

That's it for our romantic Sunday, from . . .


Susan said...

How lovely! I hope they enjoy many, many years together in happiness and love!

Unknown said...

The raindrop make ordinary things look like a fantasy. Beautiful.

What a lovely outdoor wedding! They are very popular around here too.

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderfully romantic wedding!

C-ingspots said...

Oh how beautiful Rachel looks!!! Her romantic, and yes, a beautiful location. How wonderful that they included their horses. *sigh* True love.