Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coincidence? I think not

Flag of Sweden

Flag of Shetland

My maternal grandmother – my favorite grand – was born in Sweden, and I've always identified strongly with that heritage. The other day I saw the flag of Shetland for the first time (on Jamieson & Smith's blog) and was struck by the similarity.

Of course, Shetland sheep and the sheep of Scandinavia are all part the Northern European short-tailed  group of sheep breeds, and those fierce Scandinavian Vikings were well acquainted with the Shetland Isles. 

Now here I sit in the NW corner of Oregon, me descended from Swedish (and German and Danish) stock and my little flock of Shetland sheep. It's a small world in so many ways.

Life is good at . . .


Tombstone Livestock said...

sometimes it's a very small world. Sheep look like the are enjoying a little scratch there.

Michelle said...

Yes, Bramble and Bonny are enjoying a scritch - and you'll see Bonny is enjoying a taste of my collar, if you click to biggify!

Nutztierarche-Stocksee said...

Dear Michelle,

all scandinavian countries have a flag with this big cross - only the colours are different. Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland have this kind of flag, too. And in all these countries you will find sheep with short tails. And as you said, the vikings have been in all these countries.

Kind regards from Germany

Theresa said...

Pink is always a favorite in collar nibbles! Great pic.

Lori Skoog said...

One of my Grandmothers was born in Sweden. I am 50% Swedish and my husband is 100%.

PerfectTosca said...

Those are very cool sheeps and you are a very cool sheep lady.

Sheep dogs should live with sheep ladies, that's what I always say. And here I am in the burbs chasing squirrels. It don't seem right! But last week I did get to herd a buncha kids at a BBQ. The kids were all giggling and stuff and the parents want to hire me to baby sit. Still, they got no wool! And one of them stuck a lollipop on me! That don't seem right either! I wouldn't've minded, but the Woman wouldn't even let me eat the thing!

Jared Lloyd said...

Kathy L and I think it is the Nordic blood that draws us to these peerie sheep some days. I have some Swenska blood too. :)