Sunday, November 19, 2006

A fiber surprise!

Friday I got a box. Since I was expecting an order of yarn, I was surprised to see the return address of Kathy LeFevre, fellow new Shetland shepherd and cyber-pal. She had not mentioned sending me a box in any of her recent emails, so I opened the box with great curiousity. Out tumbled FOURTEEN baggies of fiber!

Her enclosed note said: "I got to thinking about you and your spinning – I remember when I started (30 years ago) how fun it was to try new wools and other fibers. So – I went through my 'stash' to see if I had anything you might like to play with. I know the samples aren't huge, but you'll get some ideas on what makes yarns that you like.... I hope you have a ball playing with these!"

The samples include:
Gotland roving
80% New Zealand Romney/20% New Zealand possum roving
dark BFL roving
white BFL roving
brown U.S. merino roving
white Icelandic lamb roving
white Navajo-Churro roving
dark New Zealand Romney locks
white U.S. Romney locks
white New Zealand Gotland roving, with a note that it's from the very same fleece from Stansborough from which the Fellowship of the Lord of the Rings cloaks were made(!)
very dark Pitt Island roving
very dark Pitt Island Hogget roving
white angora rabbit
Sea Island cotton roving

Kathy also included a page from Oklahoma State University's website on livestock breeds describing the Pitt Island sheep (, a subgroup of Saxony merino sheep and the source of two of the samples.

I can't describe how touched I was by this thoughtful gift. Thank-you, Kathy! I have met such wonderful people since entering the world of Shetland sheep and fiber addicts (some in person, some only via my computer), and they keep surprising me with their kindness –- and by what else we end up having in common! (I think I will have to dedicate a post just to that some day!) I can't wait to try all the samples and start my education about the differences between various wools and fibers. Right now I'm still in the first few weeks of Kindergarten, figuratively, having only worked with my own Shetland fleece and a bit of purchased top.

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Kathy said...

You are so kind, Michelle!

I believe that trying new things just adds to your knowledge and fun! As my father used to say, "Experience is non-transferable.", meaning that you learn through your experiences.

Most of all I just wanted you to have a ball and have fun "playing"! :)

Tina T-P said...

Oh what a fun present to get - and the "clear blue sky" ones are just the best, aren't they? Have a good time with your new fibers! T.

shepherdchik said...

Michelle: there is a fun fiber/yarn swap getting set up through interweave press. The deadline to join is Dec 1. Here is a link to the page:

So fun to get cool stuff in the mail!