Saturday, January 05, 2019

Can-do atitude

Or maybe that should be CATitude!

When I was riding my horse in our arena recently, Chuckie joined us as he often does. Eventually he perched on the kick-rail. It took me a couple passes to realize that he was staring intently at something. Was it a mouse or a mole? No . . . look carefully (or click to biggify).
Apparently Chuckie was having visions of venison! Ha!

I thought of it more as a cute photo opportunity than proof of intent – until a few days later. I was riding again, and noticed the four does that frequent our neighborhood down in the woods below the arena. Chuckie joined us in the arena again, and when Lance got nosy, Chuckie climbed the fence and jumped into a nearby tree. From there he caught sight of the deer,

and struck a very stalkish stance!
(Then he just settled down and looked cute.)

Chuckie does like his trees.

Or maybe he just likes heights!

He definitely likes hands. 😍

So here are some New Year's recommendations from The Chuckie Channel:
1)  Dream big; add some excitement to your life!
2) Aim high; the view is better from up there.
3) Give and receive love with abandon – and get a massage once in awhile.

That's it for the first week of 2019 from . . .


Theresa said...

Some serious and wonderful catitude there at Boulderneigh!

Mama Pea said...

Animals -- wild or domestic -- sure do add a lot to the environment. Thanks to your TLC and good food, Chuckie sure is a healthy, inquisitive, loving kitty cat!

Michelle said...

Theresa, I do think the mouse population has diminished some since Chuckie arrived, so three cheers for catitude!

He HAS matured into a handsome specimen, hasn't he, Mama Pea? He has given as much as he's gotten.

Retired Knitter said...

That is one handsome cat! Love the tuxedo cats.

wyomingheart said...

Just love that Chuckie! Those deer are pretty awesome, too!

JeanneC said...

I do like that Chuckie! He's such a character!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sounds like a plan :-)

Leigh said...

I like Chuckie's recommendations! He looks like he's filling out beautifully. And such a brave guy to consider the deer.

Susan said...

He has the heart of a lion! And the visions of one, too. What a darling cat!

Anonymous said...

He's so happy he's your kitty!

Michelle said...

It's my favorite pattern, Elaine – not unlike my favorite pattern in dogs (black tai-color).

I do enjoy seeing the deer, wyomingheart, even though they make gardening and landscaping challenging.

Yes, he is, JeanneC!

Sara, I'm looking forward to reading about YOUR year. :-D

He's certainly not the scrawny adolescent that arrived here, Leigh.

Love your comment, Susan!

I think he is, Ruth, and I'm very happy he's OUR kitty. :-)