Thursday, October 11, 2018



Signs of squirreling away for winter:
Scenery on a trail ride:

A full spindle:
Several spindle turtles:

Sharing a seat with a special friend:

 Subtle shades of sunrise:


S-shaped, even!

A second spindle, ready to start spinning:
Last night Rick got home late and plopped in his recliner. I sat on his lap and put my arms around him for a hug – and recoiled from a sharp stab on the inside of my right wrist. I looked at Rick's shoulder to see what could have poked or stung me and saw nothing, but as the pain become more searing I scrambled for relief. When I couldn't find our hydrocortisone cream Rick said to apply a paste of baking soda and water – and announced he had found and killed a yellowjacket. The growing welt surrounded by redness had already told me that's what it had to be, even though it's been awhile since I've endured an encounter. But the baking soda paste worked fast and thoroughly, quieting the pain and erasing the welt. When it started to dry I washed it off and applied a smear of the now-found hydrocortisone cream, and by the time I went to bed, there was no sign of the encounter at all. I've never had such a short, successful recovery from a yellowjacket sting before, and now I know what to do in the event of another one. 😀

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Michelle said...

Shoot me a comment, please! (And if my blog won't let you leave one, would you please send me an email, using the link in the right-hand column, letting me know? Thanks!)

Leigh said...

Yellow jacket! They give the most painful stings!!! Worse than honey bees. I hope you recover quickly!

Is the blog comment thing happening with blogs that use embedded comments? I've had the exact problem in the past that you described in your previous post, but only with embedded comments. In my case it was because of the cookie setting on my web browser. It has to be set to accept third party cookies in order to use embedded comments. If that's not the problem, you should ask on the google help forum. Google often updates things and then the bugs have to be sorted out.

Great post!

Retired Knitter said...

They yellow jackets at this time of year get agitated and nasty because they sense winter is coming. Don't know if it is true, or not, but I think most stings I have heard about happened in the fall.

Love that picture of you and your pooch! Dogs and cats have too short a life span.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Now that was a hug with some zing!! Glad you got it taken care of.

Michelle said...

Leigh, the baking soda paste followed by hydrocortisone cream took care of the sting completely – I can't discern where it was now at all! Thanks for the tip about embedded comments. Retired Knitter, did you read that? Are your blog's comments embedded, or set to pop up in a separate window? (And I agree brokenheartedly on the too-short life span.)

FFG, I told my husband hugging him has negative connotations now; I have PTSD!

Jeanne said...

I'm sorry you were stung! Those are NOT fun at all. I haven't had one for a very long time, and haven't missed them one bit!

The picture of you and your furry lap baby is really priceless.

You can keep your snake, too!!

Michelle said...

I asked Brian to take that photo and will treasure it forever. (It was just a little gopher snake, Jeanne! Although I wouldn't mind at all if it got BIG and ate LOTS of gophers!)

Beverley said...

Michelle, what is a yellow jacket please? I am in Britain. Bev

Michelle said...

Beverly, it's a common type of wasp; here a link with photo:

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Susan said...

Good golly! That was not what I was expecting at the end of that story. I love the photo of you and your favorite furry child. He is such a dear. As are you.