Sunday, October 07, 2018

No lion lying down with our lambs!

The other evening I went in the Sheep Sheraton to put a bigger coat on Bette. You can see how much of her bum was sticking out beyond the coat she was wearing; it was past time.
Even though it was after dark and the light wasn't good, I had to try to get a photo of her luscious fleece mid-side:

And of course, afterwards there were sheep snuggles:
Bette in her bigger bodysuit

Bette's dam Bree pushing in for her share of attention
Chuckie decided to join me, jumping up on the half-door and then down into the sheepfold. Big mistake with Shetland sheep; their momentary alarm turned to curiosity, followed by aggression! I was worried Chuckie might rake some noses, but he just jumped up on the half-wall to escape the head-butting:

If you follow me in Instagram (link up above at right), you may have noticed I'm featuring a few more photos of sheep. That's thanks to one of my fleece customers and farm visitors who requested them. I took a couple photos of the 'it' boys the other morning, and got a good shot of Bardot's spotty face.

So much for the lion and lambs; how about one of our 'wolves'? With the weather cooling down, lap-time feels good to both Jackson and me.
The other way to warm up is to PLAY!

That's it for tonight from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Love all your animal pictures. You are lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful animals. Animals are healing I have decided. Even when they are being difficult.

Jeanne said...

Great sheep! She really did need a bigger coat! How old is she? Is it the fleece that grew so much, or the sheep?