Tuesday, October 09, 2018

It's a daily celebration

Before I forget (again), I need to let you know that I can't comment on some blogs anymore. I encounter a drop-down window with only one option – "Google Account;" the second option ("Select profile") is grayed out. If I leave a comment in the box and hit "publish," it says it's publishing but my comment never appears. Others are leaving comments successfully, and I can comment successfully on SOME blogs, so I don't know what's up or what to do. Just know that if I usually comment on your blog and no longer do, I'm still reading and enjoying your posts! Maybe Blogger has the flu and things will improve as it recovers – ha!

ANYhoo, Blogger issues can't dampen my enthusiasm for FALL! The light, the colors, the temperature all make my soul sing. Here is the golden afternoon light in the valley yesterday afternoon,

and here is the golden light breaking through the clouds this morning:
And here is my golden-eyed buddy, nearly always by my side:

I worked in town today (because yesterday was a bank holiday), and the row of trees outside my office was just stunning.

The first place we owned in Oregon had sweetgums lining both sides of the long, gravel driveway; I do NOT miss having to rake all those leaves!

On the way home I snapped this photo of one of the three wineries on our side of the hill:

The grass has recovered a bit from the trampling by tractor and manure spreader, so I turned the girls out this afternoon:

The new geranium I purchased in the spring struggled to survive through the summer; deer seemed to snack on it regularly. But the changing weather has revived it (and the calibrachoa in the same planter), and it's flowering again.

Inside, the sixth bud on my orchid stem is finally opening:

Let's tune in to the Chuckie Channel for a moment. He doesn't seem to be a fan of rain (this is his first wet season, after all), so he's been sticking closer to the barn.

But late tonight he serenaded us from the deck, and when that didn't get him the desired attention (because I was blogging, Brian was doing homework, and Rick was turning wood), he started climbing the window screen! (I tossed something at the glass to dissuade him of that notion.) It's hard to leave the lover boy outside, but he has a job, a barn . . . and personal hygiene issues. 😏

That's it for today from . . .


Michelle said...


Retired Knitter said...

I have had the same issues on some blog that I follow. Offers me the google option with everything else grayed out and it doesn't take my comment. ON some it gives me other options to choose and I can enter my name and URL and it takes my comment ... and I do that ... but it is most frustrating because of the extra steps to get my comment accepted. and I think it has even happened here once. If my comment is identified as Retired Knitter - I had no problems. If it is identified as Elaine - I had to use my URL to get in. And there are a few like you said that won't let you comment at all. I think this is a system problem beyond our control.

That Chuckie! He is such a looker.

Mama Pea said...

I haven't had any trouble commenting on others' blogs for quite a while. (Did I just say that out loud?) But do agree that Blogger can be SO FRUSTRATING!

Good for you for standing your ground in educating Chuckie about his place on your little homestead. But I'm sure he can put on quite the pitiful show!

Michelle said...

I THINK your comments here have always come through as "Retired Knitter," Elaine, but glad to know I'm not the only one having problems. I remind myself that I've gotten a lot of good use and tons of enjoyment from Blogger, totally free, so I try not to get too frustrated.....

I hope you didn't jinx yourself, Mama Pea! Yes, Chuckie can be VERY persuasive; he was back on the deck this morning begging. But he caught himself a mousie, so cheers, not jeers. ;-)

Goatldi said...

I agree with Mama Pea I have no trouble commenting. If anyone is having trouble with it is because I am moderating all comments. A certain individual cannot play nice and I didn’t want to announce that publicly on my blog as they can be rather mean spirited. So let me know if it is mine giving you fits.

Great photos and Chuckie love. My barn cats weren’t fond of rain. Maybe they think they are goats?

Back to putting up applesauce and have a good rest of week.

sylkan said...

Maybe Chuckie is lonely. Could he have another kitty companion?

Jeanne said...

That's such a bummer, when the blogs don't behave! Yours is working well for me now, Michelle. :)

I really enjoyed your pictures in this column.

The Chuckie Channel is especially fun!

A :-) said...

Love the leaves. We are just now really chilly here at night. I was hoping for more fall color with all the rain we had, but mostly it's stuff just turning yellow here at the moment.

Alison Wale said...

As you can see, on this blog I have a completely new identity - and I still don't know how I managed that!! - so maybe that's your problem...Who knows?! These blogging platforms seem to introduce "improvements" at whim!

I love the pictures of Chuckie - he seems so neat and tiody it's hard to imagine he has hygiene p^roblems!!

Lovely photosas always and I'm glad you recovered from the yellow jacket sting - I'm not sure what they are (hornets, perhaps?) but I remember an incident in the Laura Ingalls Wilder series where someone gets badly stung by yellowjackets!

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