Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Welcome, Woolvember!

So how about starting my birthday month with a wee sheepy update on my wee sheep?
Bramble, the sheep in my header photo, is getting extra groceries now. Although she acts bright and alert, she's been losing weight, perhaps a combination of age and ongoing health issues (which may be related to being a freemartin). Anyway, the above set-up works well. The gate opens inward so she can't push her way out of the fold but can back up when she finishes her ration – and none of the other piggy girls can push into the pan!
All the girls (well, except the two in the honeymoon suite) also get out for short periods of fresh grass and maple leaves.

When I tried to put the girls back into the fold tonight, Blaise-the-flirt bolted past me and ran straight to the Ram-ada Inn lot. She pulled this stunt several times last fall and winter; the girl needs a date! The question is, should it be with Blake (not convinced that would be a good nick) or with Nightcap when he comes (her sire; ew?)? I'm glad I have good fences so I can make that decision!

This morning Bittersweet was almost non-weight-bearing on his left front leg. He wasn't going to let me catch him easily, I couldn't see any grievous injury, and I had to get to work, so I left him alone. This evening he is MUCH less lame, so for now I'll continue to let him rest and recover on his own.

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Goatldi said...

What is the incidence of free martin status in sheep? I imagine it would be quite small as sheep and goats have a lot in common and I haven't had a case that resulted in infertility in 31 years. I am aware that it is common in bovine cases but am curious said Alice about the sheep percentage?

Michelle said...

According to what I've found in research articles, the rate in sheep is around 4%.

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

I hope Bittersweet's leg is continuing to recover. I think I might try coating my 2 sheep next year. I've never done it before but it would probably keep the fleeces much nicer.

Michelle said...

Bittersweet has completely recovered, Claire; I guess he may have just had a stick between his toes. I would think coats would help immensely since your sheep are in a wooded lot and get hay, just like mine.