Sunday, November 06, 2016

Time-shifting and sheep-shuffling Sunday

Without declaring my intent, I really am trying to post every day this month. But yesterday got away from me, as Sabbaths often do. It was well spent, and fully, without time on the computer to post even this, yesterday's sunrise:
The beautiful dawn was a surprise, since the forecast was for heavy rain all day. It was sprinkling on me when I took that photo (the heavy rain waited for the afternoon when we had miles of driving to do) since the weather was coming in from the west as it most often does, but glory could still break through to the east.

The sun broke through again today, and highlighted two of the three sheep in my breeding group.
There was a chance (didn't happen) that I would be picking up ram #2 today to put in with the daughters of the above two. So when Blake (ram #1) came to the gate in an apparent request to leave the honeymoon suite, I got a halter and led him back to the wethers in the wooded lot. My ewes have always settled in October, so I trust Vienna and Sarai are bred.
Blake's reintroduction went well, with only a little sideways swiping and no ramming. I thought about swapping Vienna and Sarai for Bree and Babette so the latter two would be ready and waiting for ram #2, but decided against it and left the two mature ewes in the Ram-ada Inn lot for now. Babette will no doubt yell over any changes, so I'll put that off until necessary. ;-)

In other non-news, it's still 'shroom season. Just outside the garage door where I've never seen mushrooms before are several of these big, new-to-me fungi:
See you tomorrow!

That's it for now from . . .


LannieK said...

Your sunrises are amazing!

Theresa said...

We've had a spate of new shrooms around here too. Sadly, no morels that I've found.

Retired Knitter said...

You live in such a beautiful place. I am glad you haven't lost the wonder of it all. That is so easy to do.