Monday, November 28, 2016

"It just depends which cloud you're under"

Today I wore my chauffeur's cap. First I drove Brian to school in Salem, then drove back home for a quick shower and to let the dogs out briefly. Then I drove the other way to McMinnville to pick up my MIL and take her to a doctor's appointment in downtown Portland, then headed down I-5 to pick up Brian in Salem (not enough time to take the MIL home first). I drove Brian home to start on homework, took my MIL to McMinnville, then turned around and drove home again. I was gone nine hours, and don't even want to know how many miles were logged. (Thankfully I have a little diesel car for fuel economy and longevity!) It was one of those changeable weather days: sun, clouds, showers, and one brief downpour. When my MIL commented on it, I responded with the phrase in my title. I've been thinking there must also be a life lesson in that.
Right now it feels like my time is not my own – like my life is an open appointment book for others to write in their obligations. Sometimes I want to yank back that appointment book, write my OWN SCHEDULE, take care of MY OWN to-do and wish lists! Then I reprimand that selfish beast and work at staying flexible.

I did start test-driving my new spindle during that doctor's appointment, though. I'll have time to spin some more on Wednesday; my MIL has another appointment in Portland.

That's it for today from . . .


Goatldi said...

Pat on your back you are a wonderful woman! Caring for so many two and four legged can get a bit all consuming. Just grab that spindle and a cuppa at the next stop and keep up that positive attitude.

Mama Pea said...

There's no doubt about the fact that we go through periods in our lives when we just about literally don't have more than a couple of minutes here and there for ourselves . . . to do what feeds our soul and keeps us going. I went through seven years once and later another five years when I didn't have one second (the "spare" time was spent sleeping!) to do any handwork which is my time for meditation and centering. (I think I may have come close to going over the edge, but don't tell anyone.) You're doing important, giving things right now, things that hold a family together and enable others to keep going and growing. At the moment I'm sure it feels as though the "doing for others" will never stop, but it will. Keep your positive attitude . . . and pick up your needles, or ride your horse, whenever you can. :o]

Anonymous said...

Your positive attitude will help you to endure this chapter of your life. Attitude plus some horse time, handwork time.
Hang in there!

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

Definitely a difficult time for you, and I admire your positive attitude. I think that it is still important to take time for yourself, even when you are giving much to others. I find that giving myself the gift of my own time makes me a better and more present person in the things I do for others. Lovely fiber on your spindle!

Michelle said...

I wasn't feeling all that positive, Goatldi, so I'm glad all my efforts to choose positivity paid off.

Thanks for the perspective, Mama Pea. Seven- and five-year blocks are LONG; wow.

I'm squeezing in those mental health breaks whenever I can, Wanda and Claire!