Monday, November 07, 2016

I hope you like my anthem...

...because it's same song, second verse. Meaning another sunrise,

and more sheep shots. ;-)

Late last night I finally got confirmation that Nightcap is in Oregon and awaiting pick-up about 45 minutes away. So this morning I swapped the hopefully bred girls for the maids-in-waiting,  taking photos and trimming hooves in the process (sorry; no fleece shots this time).
not the best photo of my best ewe, grey katmoget WhitePine Sarai
moorit OK Acres Vienna, shown yesterday in the sunlight
Boulderneigh Bree, Vienna X Blake 2015 musket daughter
Boulderneigh Babette, Vienna X Blake 2016 musket daughter

I'm not sure how long the maids will be waiting. If I can't connect with Nightcap's hostess about picking him up today, it could be awhile, since I work tomorrow and Thursday, and am the designated doctor's appointment transportation for my MIL on Wednesday. Maybe Friday, if I'm not the designated nurse....

In the meantime, I can hear the baa-ing through the closed windows.

That's it for today from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

I know nothing about sheep but your bunch is certainly a handsome lot.

Susan said...

Such lovely sheep, you have, Michelle. I had to laugh at that last line. It's amazing how much noise they can make! Hope you can squeeze in sheep transport.