Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Grabbing the last brass ring

It's late on the last day of November – just barely time to grab for that last brass ring. I missed posting just four days this month – not too shabby, considering all we had going on. I'm not sure posting every day is a great idea, though. I've noticed that page views and comments have gone down some this month (not that have I ever have lots of either); perhaps followers got blog fatigue!

In honor of this tail-end of the month post, here are some "tail-end" photos.
The last Red Sex-Link hen died this week, leaving the six young black hens, two old Speckled Sussex hens, and one ancient Welsummer from our first year of keeping chickens (2008!). Chicken longevity seems highly variable, and I don't have a clue what the factors are.

My big Japanese maple is pretty much naked – except for this little spray of delicately colored leaves nestled between their trunk and the spirea bushes. Most of the trees look like this now,
which I still find beautiful . . . beautiful "bones."

I usually show you sunrise photos; here are some sunset pictures for a change. I snapped these from our lane yesterday while riding my mental health mustang.
Lovely remains of the day!

That's it for November from . . .


Mama Pea said...

I've enjoyed your almost daily (hard to do, I know) posts this past month. I certainly haven't been posting as much as I'd like (I think posts keep me grounded in some way), but we all go through periods where it's not feasible to post as much OR read and comment on as many blogs as we'd like. Nice sunset you and your mental health mustang enjoyed!

Linda said...

I look for your post each day and have enjoyed every one of them.
Your posts remind me of days gone by, days spent with horses. Pure joy!
I've never owned sheep but would love to have a couple which will never happen at this stage of my life. So, I'll enjoy your stories of horses and sheep.

Susan said...

I echo both others - I love your posts. Such beautiful sunsets and sunrises you have. Mostly, I think it's because you take the time to notice them. I find I have my head down way too often. I don't know how you manage to post so much - with all of the extra driving you have to do. I have an ancient silver laced Wyandotte - she's the last survivor of my friend, Rosie's, flock - from 2008, too!

Claire MW said...

Stunning sunset shots! I love your 'tail end' shot as well - I am looking forward to having chickens again. Hopefully next year. I haven't been spending as much time reading blogs as I'd like in recent weeks - so busy with some contracts here, and also with some items I'm making for Christmas. It seems to be a very busy time of year all around.

LannieK said...

Look forward to reading your blog, tho sometimes it might take a day or two. You're chickens are so pretty - Do they produce a lot of eggs for your family? And your sky photos are so beautiful, as always :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I just lost my last Welsommer. Both were at least 10. Great chickens!

C-ingspots said...

I totally agree about the beautiful bones of the winter trees! They are lovely always. I enjoy your sky shots all the time too. Speaking of bones and of not leaving comments...I'm going to call the kettle black. You hardly ever comment on my blog. :( We bloggers all appreciate thoughts.

Michelle said...

Wow, LOTS of comments! Thanks to each one of you!

That's it, Mama Pea; blogging helps ground and anchor me, too. To pause and record a little of what is happening in life keeps it from being such a blur.

I'm so glad you enjoy it here, Linda. If you are close enough to drive, you are welcome to visit for a real-life horse and sheep fix!

That must have been a good year to be hatched, Susan. And YOU know about driving, with your commute!

I'm honored that you've made time to visit here, Claire. I hope you are able to get chickens again soon.

Right now we're getting far more than we use, LannieK, because six of the nine hens are young. I sell the extras.

Sara, I haven't been impressed with Welsie's egg production, but I can't complain about her health and longevity!

Okay, I've remedied that, Lorie. But in my defense, you don't post very often! ;-)