Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Riding a whirlwind

That's what it feels like so far, this new school-centric schedule. I'm sure it will get easier . . . after it gets considerably worse. First, we're planning to go horse-camping this weekend; though when we're going to get everything arranged for that is unclear. Second, one of my co-workers will be on vacation Sept. 2-13, so I need to go in every workday she's gone.  =:-O

But as one of my friends (young but wise beyond her years) reminded me in her blog post this morning, you have to just keep taking bites.
Benny says, "Bites of what?"
One of the things I haven't managed to juggle well yet is meal planning. It's too late by the time I pick up Brian and get home to make supper, so I'm going to have to start doing a better job of preparing ahead. To that end, this morning I used up the last five peaches I've been hoarding in a peach pie, pressure-cooked some pinto beans, and now have a crockpot full of Mexican stew simmering for supper. All of which will yield leftovers; yay.

I also got a start on my first fall garden. Earlier I decided on carrots (seeds at the ready), garlic (the neighbor said he'd have plenty), and beets – particularly my favorite Chioggia beets, but I couldn't find any seeds in town. I finally settled for those packets of mixed beets, tore out the snap peas, and watered a strip in preparation for planting. Today I planted the prepared row and a second row, which the soaker hose is watering now. I have enough seeds for a third row, so those will go in when I can prep it.

Yes, we got a little drizzle today. Not enough to soak the ground, but the dogs still got muddy - ha. I think the plants all sighed with relief to have their leaves moistened.

Time to get cleaned up so I can go get Brian – though I'd rather join Oreo for a snooze!

Chomp, chomp, chomp....


Theresa said...

No rain here yet but it feels like someone switched the toggle from summer to fall. We barely made it to 65 yesterday and with clouds and smoke the sunlight was pretty weak. The days are much shorter too. I had to put the dog pen lights on last night for their last out. Haven't done that in a while. School, first impressions?

Retired Knitter said...

It takes a bit of effort to get used to a new schedule - I remember those days and I didn't home school, so going from home schooling to something else adds another level of effort. But you will get your balance soon enough.

Love the cat picture. I have two cats of my own - and three grand dogs. Such a joy they all are. Love the sheep pics as well. Be glad you live on the opposite coast from me. I would be over there ruining your sheep by spoiling the heck out of them. They wouldn't think of themselves as sheep at all. They would be convinced they were equal members of your human family - just like our animals here do. I am exceptional at that skill. Dog trainers just shake their head at me. But those grand dogs and I are bonded the way grand children bond to grandparents. Ha!!

Mama Pea said...

Sounds like you're doing juuuust fine, Michelle. You're accomplishing a lot right along with getting into the groove of a new schedule. No way to get Brian to and from school without you doing the taxi service each way, each day? Having anything unusual like the camping trip or having to work extra hours probably isn't exactly welcome right at this point of the new schedule, but you know it'll settle down.

Good luck with your fall planting. Once the planting is done, I always feel that's the most work. Well, except for harvesting . . . puff-puff. ;o}

Susan said...

I know you can do it, and do it well! New schedules always throw me for a loop.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Bag of lettuce, can of black beans, tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, black olives, onions, whatever everyone wants and they make their own "walking taco salad" :-D.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oreo reminds me of Jack, Susan Branch's male cat; both beautiful! The slow cooker and the convection counter top oven are my best friends and about the only way I can put a meal in front of me. Far too many nights it's either a bowl of cold cereal or cheese on crackers but heated so I can call it a 'hot meal'.

Michelle said...

Theresa, we didn't get enough rain to do much more than make it uncharacteristically humid. Yes, the days are definitely shorter. First impressions of school? Brian loves it, is doing great in all his classes (a relief that we gave him a good education), is making friends fast (like the sanguine he is), and wants to be involved in EVERYthing – which, of course, he can't. But he's involved in a lot, so we're all running a bit ragged.

RK, the animals have been rather neglected while we're adjusting to the new schedule – especially the sheep. They need you to come visit!

Mama Pea, there is one family in our church who will be able to drop Brian off after nearby after school up to three times a week, but we haven't coordinated that yet except for yesterday. It WILL help, a little.

Thanks for being on my cheering squad, Susan!

That's a great idea, Sara!

Yes Sandra, the slow cooker is my friend, along with my freezer.

Claire MW said...

How wonderful that you can have a fall garden planting at this stage. We will have our first frost (most likely) before the end of this month. No fall planting here, except perhaps some bulbs for spring.