Monday, July 25, 2016

A volley of visits

Browning thinks everyone should visit HIM – and most visitors do!
It's been a busy month of comings and goings. We ushered in July away from home, attending Cowboy Campmeeting. Since then, we've had old friends from our Minnesota days come for a weekend stay, we've had fellow Shetland breeders come for a flock visit, we spent a lovely day with one of my college roommates and bridesmaids who was in the area along with her parents, and had another friend visiting from out of town over for dinner. To end the month, this morning my parents flew in for a week-long visit. Lovely opportunities all to spend time with special people, so I hope you'll understand my lack of time for regular blogging.

I did manage pedal along on the Tour de Fleece this month, spinning into singles one of the bumps of alpaca/silk Theresa gave me and starting on another.

Through it all we're eating well, from our pantry, from our garden, and most recently from the 60 lbs of blueberries we picked on Sunday.
Bad berries don't go to waste around here!
That's it for now from busy . . .


Theresa said...

I was wondering were you had disappeared to! Enjoy family and blueberries. They don't go to waste here either. Apples to seem to be a favorite with horses,goats and dogs.

Florida Farm Girl said...

60 pounds, huh? The last year I did blueberries we had 58 pounds and I got really tired of looking at blueberries before I was done with them. Bless you, dear girl.

Mama Pea said...

SIXTY pounds of blueberries? Wow, I'm impressed. Our blueberries are just now starting to turn ripe (under the netting and Scare Tape to thwart those dastardly birds who took our whole crop last year!). I wonder how many pounds we'll get? I've never weighed them before, just put the ones we didn't snarf up fresh in gallon bags in the freezer.

Michelle said...

Thanks for noticing, Theresa – and sorry I didn't take the time to hot-link your name to your blog!

FFG, they were really easy picking at one of Rick's client's commercial blueberry farms; the three of us had that picked in less than a half-hour. We pick through them and throw them in gallon freezer bags, so pretty quick "processing," too.

Mama Pea, we've picked WAY more than double that in the past, but haven't been using as many the past year so downsized our investment. Since we have to pay for them, I have to weigh them.

Claire MW said...

That handspun is beautiful. You are very patient to be able to spin so much on a spindle. After transitioning to the wheel, I never spindled again.