Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tomato tally

It's been a good year for tomatoes here; they like hot weather and warm nights. Our garden's production has been bolstered by those of my MIL and neighbor, resulting in:
• Lots of sandwiches and salads
• Seven pints of diced tomatoes in their own juice
• Two quarts of gazpacho (eaten in one meal) =:-O
Southern Tomato Pie (sooo good)

and as of today, seven quarts canned and a pan of homemade pasta sauce simmering in the oven.

I have three big slicers on the counter and a bowl full of not-quite ripe tomatoes that will become another Southern Tomato Pie. Have you been blessed with homegrown tomatoes this year?

That's it for today from . . .


DianeOart said...

I do love my homegrown tomatoes, this year been having a bummer start with cold weather until July, then it was rain and more rain, I lost many plants and replant twice but at least I got few plants producing well at the moment as long the weather is milder this September they can ripe on the plant.

Unknown said...

Here in the Rocky Mts, the tomatoes seem to do best in the years we have plenty of sun and smoke...yes wildfire smoke. Your tomatoes look great... what tasty ways to eat them this fall.

erica said...

I want that pie!