Thursday, May 28, 2015


That would be the sound of fleeces flying out of here! This afternoon I finally bit the bullet and posted photos and descriptions of my available fleeces in Spinners Marketplace on Ravelry, and three of the nine are already reserved. Now I have no choice but to make the time to get them skirted and weighed so they can be shipped. Do you ever put yourself between a rock and a hard spot to force your own hand like that?

I did have some extra time today as I didn't have to report to work, but didn't have the vitality to make the most of it. Now I'm sitting in the (hot, stuffy) fencing club while Brian cooks in his head-to-toe fencing whites. You gotta love this sport to do it through the summer!

That's it for today from . . .


Debbie said...

congrats on the flying fleeces! Where do you post in the Spinners Market?
Hope that you're feeling better.

Nancy Kay said...

On that's so great that the fleeces were reserved so quickly. Good deal.

Michelle said...

Debbie, I just put an ad on Spinners Marketplace.

Nancy Kay, I knew that would happen and have been avoiding it because of the time crunch I knew it would put on me. But the weekend is coming.... ;-)