Saturday, May 02, 2015

So many sheep shots, so little time!

First, a study in contrasts. Below is Boston. If I needed another fiber wether, he would be filling out an application. He is a big, golden teddy bear who just wants to be my buddy, which I haven't encouraged in case "fine-fleeced, smooth-polled flock sire" is in his future.

Then there is Boston's twin, Belfast.

This character has presence, pizzazz – and attitude!

While the handsome boys seem to be accumulating around here, the number of girls just dropped by two. Bali and Marta left for their new home on Friday afternoon instead of Sunday.

As hard as it was for me to part with these girls, I knew it would be even harder for Blaise. She was losing her dam and the half-sister she's always buddied with.
Last night I sat in the fold for some lambie love therapy to help ease the pain of good-bye.
And yes, I did what I could to comfort Blaise, too. (She's doing just fine now.)

That's it for now from a quieter . . .


Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely sheepies! I haven't forgotten your picture - it's waiting to be parcelled up! - but I just never quite get round to doing it!!

Nancy Kay said...

The lambie love must have been very sweet. Wonderful pictures of the dear ones.

Mary Ann said...

I know it was hard for you to lose your babies... but I know you picked a good home for them. The lambs... DARLING!

A :-) said...

Change, the only constant :-) They all look happy and healthy!