Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Same song, umpteenth verse

Photos? Check.
Thoughts? Check.
Time to post? Ah, therein lies the rub.

There are only so many hours in the day, and blogging is getting the short straw. I'm managing my time better in so many other areas that I should be pleased, but I do miss blogging, reading others' blogs, and commenting. Sometimes I think about staying/getting up to blog when my guys are asleep, but my rational side tells me sternly that I need to keep regular bedtime hours and at least rest even if I'm not sleeping. (It was really tempting to stay up last night when the full moon was playing hide-and-seek with the swiftly flying clouds, but I was a good girl and went to bed after snapping a few photos.)

To satisfy my urge I'm going to try composing several posts at a time, when there's time, then scheduling them to post. That doesn't give free rein to my creative muse, but it is better than nothing. Kind of like my iris bed this year. There aren't going to be a lot of blooms, but I'll enjoy the beauties that show up.

That's it for now from . . .


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

A lovely post Michelle and I feel just like you!
I work three days a week - sometimes four so blogging and commenting takes a back seat!
I try to play catch up as much as I can!
Today I met one of my bloggy friends in person - she was flying from Australia, via Auckland to Canada!!
We chatted about this same subject and we both have good intentions of trying to get a post up at least once a week - I don't always make it though.
I can't imagine how some people manage to post daily AND comment too?!

Your irises are fabulous and I would love more in my garden, they are such good companion plants with roses!
Thank you for popping in to say hello!
Shane x

Nancy Kay said...

Your photos of the moon and clouds are spectacular!!! What a show!

Your iris are beautiful...great colors.

Writing a couple posts at one time and scheduling them is really the way to go...especially when the spring schedule gets tight.

Lisa Smith said...

I really admire your self-control, Michelle! It is so difficult to listen to my rational side, knowing how important it is to try to adhere to a regular bedtime routine! I start out with the best of intentions, then will often find myself just staring at the ceiling, my mental gears grinding away. I'll wonder what I'm missing in my email inbox, or what my favorite bloggers are posting, etc. Usually, 9 times out of 10, I'll go ahead and pop on to have a "quick" look see, telling myself it'll be easier to then fall asleep! Fortunately, I do not have a blog; I can only imagine how much more complicated that makes it. Ah, the age old problem of time management rages on! (I do love your photos of the full moon; thanks for sharing them.)

C-ingspots said...

Wasn't that moon just amazing!? I spent a fair amount of time gazing at it too...
I've recently started learning about kidney disease, and the symptoms related to that. Apparently, not sleeping well and restless sleep are symptoms because of a higher level of toxins in the body, as are feeling more tired, which is a result of higher toxins and not being able to sleep well. I'm just thankful that I can rest and am able to get as much sleep as I do. Your Iris' are just beautiful! I especially like the purple/white ones. My yellows have been blooming for a while now, and the blacks are just now beginning to bloom. They are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Shane, your blog is such beautiful eye-candy; I imagine your posts take much longer to create than mine. I LIKE to post often, if not daily, but it's just possible, nor is there enough time to comment on all the blogs I follow. But I DO read them, for they enrich my life. :-)

Thank-you, Nancy Kay. Really, all I had to do was show up for the "show." Yep, scheduling is helpful; that's why there will be a post today. ;-)

Lisa, that "self" control has only come as I've reordered my priorities. Now, without fail, I start my day with God, and ask Him to order my days.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, I love your iris! I am so enjoying mine at the old house!

Michelle said...

Lorie, you and I must have been typing at the same time! My first yellow iris is opening today.

Mary Ann, I need your help weeding my bed after all your practice at the old place. ;-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I am right there with ya!