Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creepy-crawly, snotty-slimy

I'm talking about my physical state, not this handsome specimen of a Pacific banana slug. Allergies, still combined with a cold virus I suspect, have me Itchy/Crawly/Sneezy/Snotty/Coughy/Sleepy/
Cranky – my own Seven Dwarfs of misery. (Did you know Sleeping Beauty's sidekicks have had many names over the years??? News to me!)

That's it for today from . . .


Nancy Kay said...

I kind of think of these little creatures as creepy and slimy. Can't get past it! Sorry! Ha. No, I didn't know the Dwarfs had many different names. Hmmm. Interesting. Hope you're feeling great today.

Michelle said...

They don't gross me out like they used to, Nancy Kay, but they are definitely slimy. Still feeling punky; really appreciate your comment. Comments seem to be few and far between these days!