Friday, May 15, 2015


I have customers deciding which fleeces to purchase,
Barbados' hogget fleece
Vienna's fleece – reserved
Bittersweet, no longer his namesake color!
Browning, from which I knit my Mr. Greenjeans cardi

I have a customer deciding which ram to buy,
We're both partial to Boston; the question is, is he too friendly to be a ram?

and I have to decide which is my pick of Vienna's two ewe lambs  (the other is spoken for).

Hard choices all.

I have decided on the yarn for my next knitting project:
MadTosh Light in Composition Book, Fragrant, & Alizarin

I'm going to make Romi's Village Sweater Wrap with these; the yarn on the far right will be the main body, the gray will be one edging and the pink will be the other. This will be the biggest project I have tackled so far, and will probably keep me busy for a long time. Yesterday I stopped by a new boutique in town to look at work clothes, and saw a lot of long, drapey layering pieces. Romi's design is right on trend – hopefully it still will be by the time I finish it!

That's it for now from . . .


Mary Ann said...

Michelle, will you explain why Boston might be too friendly to be a ram???

Michelle said...

Mary Ann, friendly ram lambs tend to become pushy rams, which usually become dangerous rams. It seems to be a matter of respect.

Nancy Kay said...

Once the choices have been made...I bet all will find they have been blessed.

The sweater wrap is a big project, indeed. It looks like it would be so cozy to wrap up in during cool days!! Interesting pattern and design! I love those unique looks.

Cloverleaf Art and Fibre said...

All so beautiful! It's hard to find the happy medium with the ram personality, isn't it. Our current ram was not handled as a baby and is certainly not friendly; in fact he is afraid. His mad dashing to get away is almost as dangerous as a pushy ram at times. Now I think I would rather have them friendly, then we could sit on them a couple of times when they are young to establish boundaries. Anyway, that's my excuse for laying the love on this year's babies regardless of gender.

SweetLand Farm said...

Love the looks of the wool! So pretty! Have spun a little wool in my free time and would love to do more someday maybe. And to knit with it! Now that would be even better.