Tuesday, May 19, 2015

At least I'm not allergic to wool

Although right now I feel allergic to EVERYTHING, as whatever I am allergic to must be blowing in the breeze. "The answer to my sneeze is blowin' in the breeze; the answer is blowin' in the breeze." Heh. Ah-CHOO!

I've been trying to avoid OTC allergy meds after reading that they may be linked to dementia; the company I work for has many clients with dementia and its effects are so sad. But between the sneezing and the runny nose and eyes so itchy they are in danger of being gouged out, I got very little sleep last night and am of very short temper today. I think my guys might prefer me crazy, so tonight I'm taking something. In the meantime I keep the tissues close.

This afternoon I got Bali's fleece boxed and ready to ship. Next I need to roo/shear Vienna, as her fleece is reserved, and Bali's dam Sarai, because her fleece is coming off in pieces. Good thing she's wearing a coat, as it keeps most of it in place. Here is Bali's fleece cut side down, and cut side up, zooming in on her black shoulder spot:
Sarai really stamped last year's get with her exquisite fleece type. (If you like Bali's, Sarai's and Barbados' are still available.)

Oh – I have news! Barbados is leaving for his new flock on Sunday! I also have strong interest in Belfast; and have decided to keep Bree and let Brosna join Bali and Marta in their new flock.

Just to show that this isn't the "All Sheep All The Time Channel," here are some pretties from around the place.
My "lilies of the field" – the iris out in the pasture
Yesterday evening's dramatic sky

That's it for now from . . .


Susan said...

This has been quite the year for allergies - I watched the pine pollen blow across my yard like a tsunami of dust! You reminded me that I need to tackle the fleeces..

Nancy Kay said...

lovely wool, pretty flowers, and dramatic sunsets...all such treats!

shelly hancock said...

What's wrong with all sheep all the time? :-) Hope your nose curse resolves quickly!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful fleeces!