Wednesday, November 05, 2014

More toys (or are they tools?)

Last week I had a chance to catch up with a good friend of mine. She had been away for two months, visiting Australia and New Zealand. She brought me a very special gift from her travels – a skein of Stansborough Grey Mithril yarn (real Hobbit yarn!), and some beautiful blue paua shell buttons (not necessarily for this yarn; she just knew I'd love the color). We had coffee, walked up and down 3rd Street (voted America's best Main Street west of the Mississippi by Parade Magazine), and visited the newly reminted LYS (Boersma's Knitting Basket closed; a new owner has reopened the shop as Oregon Knitting Co.). Kate swooned over this yarn (her colors),
so I told her if she bought it, I'd knit whatever she wanted from it. It's now in my stash waiting to become a pair of tightly knitted (to add durability) socks for her.

This week, a box arrived with more goodies. Theresa at Camp Runamuck held a Pay It Forward Yarn & Fiber Giveaway, and I was blessed to get one of the lots. The box held 11 ounces of pink Bluefaced Leicester roving, 5+ ounces of natural Romney roving (I think the rovings would look good spun and plyed together), and an unexpected 150-yard skein of "Curly Begonias" wool/alpaca/mohair yarn. Fun!
Thank-you so much, Theresa; we will be contributing to the 35 Thanksgiving food boxes our church will be assembling on November 15!

(PS: Please pardon the plethora of parenthetical comments.)  ;-)

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Nancy Kay said...

I got a chuckle at the name "Camp Runamuck." Ha. Love the roving and yarn you received. Wow.

The socks you knit for your friend will be a warm hug on the feet!! Looking forward to pictures of that project.

Susan said...

What a bonanza all the way around! Love that roving - and the sock yarn is beautiful. I equal parts happy and sad that we don't have a knitting shop nearby.