Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Def: The basic backwards movement in fencing.

Thus I take a giant step backwards to a new subject. Wasn't that smooth? Ha!  ;-)

Homemade épeé – or foil?
As you may remember, Brian got to wield a plastic sword and "Fight a Knight" at the Renaissance Festival on Labor Day. But that was not his first taste of, nor initial interest shown in, swordplay. Don't ask me why (testosterone?), but least a year ago he created a pair of fencing tools and has been entreating his dad and me to spar with him off and on ever since. After his experience at the Renaissance Festival, he asked if he could take lessons. Hmm, that seemed like a positive way to channel his interest and energy, so I turned to the internet to see if there is a fencing club in Salem. Not only is there a fencing club in Salem, they offer a weekly homeschool fencing/PE class! I reserved a spot in the next session for Brian . . . then well before it started, a Groupon for deeply discounted fencing lessons at the same club landed in my inbox. Well, obviously this was meant to be! The offer didn't include the homeschool class, but the evening Learn to Fence class actually worked out better for our schedule.
The first four weeks culminated on Monday with sparring practice. A maestro who taught fencing at Willamette University for 27 years came for the occasion, along with one of his students. Brian got to spar with both of them; sparring with the maestro (below) was a memorable experience.
The second (and last) four weeks Brian will take both Beginning Foil and Beginning Épeé (one session of each per week). He would LOVE to continue his classical training; we'll have to see what the budget can bear. At least we have ideas for birthday and Christmas!

That's it for this retreat from the usual subjects at . . .


Sharon said...

Oh I hope the budget will spare. It's a wonderful sport. My SIL was Epee state champion one year. It remands discipline, physical acuity and sportmanship. He seems to have had it brewing in him already.

Theresa said...

I too hope the budget will stitch for this wonderful activity! Great pics!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW! That's wonderful; I've always wanted to learn to fence. Other than verbally, of course.

Nancy Kay said...

Looks like Brian has the agility and good form for this sport. Great pictures! I, too, hope he can continue.